Wednesday, 6 May 2009

TAAAG-what do i look like right now

I was reading up some blogss and i thought this was a fun tag,[despite having no makeup on haha]


I LOOVE my golden silk duvettt and mickey mouse cushion. Did i tell you, I love love love collecting mickey mouse items, be it t shirts, clocks, jewelery, homeware, mugs, slippers. ANYTHING, you name it. I adore it.

SO,What do you look like right now! yes! this very moment. get snapper happy and show me.


I think i'll do a post on my mickey mouse necklace i got from EBAYYY [GOD, i love that place!] and i have dsk jewelery coming in the mail sometime, and some missha sheet masks.

4 Golden Nuggets:

fuzkittie said...

You look super cute! Cozy~~

Jamilla Camel said...

I agree with you about the duvet...can't get enough of that!!

You look kawaii and cozy!

AbcGrrrL said...

Cute mickey mouse necklace ;)

Ahleessa said...

Thanks for tagging me! :) I'm not too sure if I'll do this since I don't post my picture on my blog anymore... hehe~ I have to think about it though. :X By the way, you look great without makeup!!! :)