Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Packages <3 + Haulss

I"M BACKKKKK.... [i think i might need to resize the pictures]
I am so sorry i haven't been able to post any of my packages, i gave my parents address as i would've gt very distracted with these lovely packages during my finals. so HERE IS AN EXTRA IMAGE HEAVY LONG POST FOR YOU GIRLIESSS.

I asked if i could use Ahleesa's address to take advantage of the 50% off everything NYX on cherry culture. She also gave me some AMAAAAZZZING clips. They're too cute. Im so in love with her work. Check out her skillz at her! She also sent me a cute letter. Thank youu <3!

I also bought some MAC products from Hollyannaeree recently. Lustreglass in instant gold! My first MAC product =) <3[I iz happyyy]

One of my lovely contest winners LULU sent me a thank you package filled with love and goodies, It was STUFFEDDD. =)- nose strip, sweets, e.l.f lip gloss/plumper, a laneige sample pack [i have yet to use], earrings , hair clips. I ate most of the sweets. =) Kept me going all the way through my finalss.


I went on a littlewoods haul and bought some a two pack of shoes, which includes wedges and flip flops, perfect for a summer's day, and to give me a little bit of height boost as I am vertically challenged. haha

I also dropped by body shop YET AGAIN. [somebody keep me away from that shop]
Pink Pamplemousse [grapefruit!] body butter and body scrub, lip gloss, vitamin E facial cleanser, White musk tropical fragrance! I got a free bag with it ^^

My parents are taking me to eat dim sum tomorrow. Food porn will be the agenda for tomorrow's post <3.

Lots of love for all my readers, and THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME, I HAVE 50 + FOLLOWERS, i only started beauty blogging a few months ago.

12 Golden Nuggets:

Aralka said...

Oh, these packages are really good.
And shoes are cute too ^^


AbcGrrrL said...

Doesn't it feel nice to have a bunch of packages to open? It's like Christmas day all over again! :)

The sandels are cute, esp the wedges. Have fun eating dim sum 2m. I want some dimsum toooo!

C. said...

very cute flip floppys! i do have a request, please when you go to hong kong do a post of the best places to shop!! :) PLEASE AND THANK YOU! come visit my blog sometime :)

izumi said...

cuuuute stuff :D yay for getting stuff from the nyx sale!

Nan, ナン said...

Woahhh! That bag/purse is so awfully CUTE : D

Eeek, I miss ur bloggin' and ranting. Hope ur finals went well, tho. :'D


Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE those flip flops! I am flip flop addicted, lol!

Good luck on the finals!

Lulu said...

yay packages :) I want some dimsum! *drolls*

my_makeup_mania said...

cool stuff! awe! and lustreglasses from mac loock so exciting...

Old Cow said...

Nice pressies Yinnie!!

KRYSTAL said...

love the haul and packages! =] DOnt u just loove receiving packages.. lol

fuzkittie said...

Aw the bows are adorable!

abby said...

wow look at the haul so much!!! lol i'd probably do the same i'd get it delivered to keep me from distraction, haha. but the bows are cute and the sandals are love :) i love sandals. lol