Saturday, 6 June 2009

Summer Ball [EOTD]

today is my college summer ball. Been getting ready all day.
Sorry about the webcam pictures. I stupidly left my digicam at home, and forgot to bring it to my halls.

My masterpiece of the year starts with facemasks and moisturising. =)
Missha Lemon facemask
Sponge ball hair curlers to give my hair extra volume

Tadaaaa FOTD-I look tired haha

-Skinfood Mushroom BB cream
-Rimmel Concealer stick
-Beautilicious sparkly light peach-highlight
-Shiseido The make-up eyeshadow yellow gold
-Color palette Golden green
-Color palette Black Gold
-Miss Sporty White as highlight.
-Eyelure Tokyo Lashes
-Shiseido Kohl liner Black
-Estee Lauder Sumptous mascara
-Rimmel pressed powder peach glow

The outfit
-Vestry, Black shift dress
-Cream scarf

14 Golden Nuggets:

izumi said...

nice fotd :) and LOL about the face mask! i love that dress :)

Chomsiri said...

LOL i have a picture of me using a face mask too! the thing is, it doesnt seem to fit my face what so everrrr

cute dress!

Lulu said...

pretty pretty!

ning * star said...

aww, cute dress, hmm, maybe, u should lye down when u use that mask, because it is really big/wide?

Yin said...

LOL. actually It would fit, but i had my hair rollers in and they were at a funny angle, and i didn't want the mask to touch my hair. so it turned out like so.

Yin said...

I know, still looks like my face melted off

Aralka said...

I think you look really nice... ^^


Jamilla Camel said...

Chic dress!

aileen said...

i love masks!

fuzkittie said...

You look so elegant!! :]

Audrie said...

beautiful FOTD, and LOVE your black shift dress! Super chic :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, I love sheet masks a lot! They are the most hydrating treat for thirsty skin. ;)

M said...

I'm really LOVING that dress

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