Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I didn't pick these up in Drugstores, but i did pick them up in relatively cheap places.


-Japan centre Charcoal face cleanser [right]
-Bodyshop Vitamin E facial Cleanser[left]

With the showdown, I will review in 3 steps
-first impressions [in the shop]
-Does it work?
-Will i buy again.

I'll begin with BODYSHOP vitamin E cleanser £6.75 [i think]
First impressions: I was actually introduced to the toner version of this line in the bodyshop, and i'd bought this because my normal HG cleanser [next post] had run out. I'm a suckah for pink packaging. Also Vitamin E i heard is great for anti ageing.

Does it work? For £6.75, it's a great alternative to high end skincare brands, I switched from shiseido and i'd say this one, although it doesn't foam up as much, it really works. No tightness after washing face, and it's a great daily cleanser. The smell is okay, it's a bit strong but not unpleasant. The disadvantages to this cleanser is this cleanser is designed for skin that is already quite clear. If you are acne prone and have an oily base, it probably will not do much for your skin.

Will i buy again? Yes, for a normal daily cleanser, especially for the mornings, this is an excellent facial cleanser to use and the packaging is so girly and pink, I normally can't resist buying myself it, if i'm running low. This product is now one of my HGs.

Japan centre Charcoal face cleanser £2.99

First impressions: I'll admit, I saw this in the toiletries aisle at the japan centre and the little face sticker at the top sucked me in. Also Charcoal seemed quite interesting. Also the price for this little baby is pretty amazing too. Normally cleansers i find are over £3 at least.

Does it work? OHMYGOD, the SMELL, its so awful. It smells like gone off cologne. I have to hold my breath to use this product. not good. However, the product itself, minus the smell is really quite good for its price. It's been so humid in london recently, and i sweat so much and my face just looks oily and sticky, this cleanser gives it a SQUEAKY clean feeling. My worry about this product is mainly the smell and the appearance, but hey, what did i expect from £2.99

Would i buy again? No, the smell is too awful, theres a similar coal face cleanser in lush that will probably smell nicer.

As you can see, i clearly see, it's smelly product versus HG. The charcoal cleanser is great for those hot sticky days, it really gives a nice clean feeling and it foams up more than the bodyshop one. But for my daily cleanser, I would choose bodyshop vitamin E because it gives me alot more than just cleansing, anti ageing too. =)

3 Golden Nuggets:

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

i like the body shop one smell nice..

That one.. omg i wanted to get that last time on the net.. it was like 5 to 8 quid.. now i know its that cheap.. i mite as well go to london lols.

Shan x

Old Cow said...

I like charcoal cleansers the softymo one is great!

Anonymous said...

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