Thursday, 9 July 2009

materialism runs through my veins

I went out to london again for a lunch date with a friend and we got talking about religion and we realised that as 21st century students, we're too spoilt for religion. Like we don't actually need it because our parents give us too much. It's not a nice trait but hey, Karma then struck us down in the form of a friend of the earth campaigner that tried getting my friend to give up card details for charity. =X i'm too materialistic for my own good. I've already earned £520 for my holiday in hong kong. i'm only going for 12 days.

yet this didn't deter me from making a small haul in the sales.

this was only £2.99 =) so why not. charcoal face cleanser.

stopped off at boots to pick up wet wipes. This will be my summer staple as i get so icky in london.

picked up tinted vaseline. couldn't resist the pink packaging. <3

and some comedy dvds, I love watching stand up comedy. =) I've been to 3 comedy gigs in the last year. It's replaced music. haha. Im gona grow old gracefully with laughter lines, I'm sure of it. haha. British stand-up is amazing.

Mock the week uncut dvd & the world of lee evans dvd.

3 Golden Nuggets:

KawaiiFallenStar said...

i love british stand up comedy.. its so hilarious.. nothing can compare to it..

Wow you got asian products in London.. I shall have to get some next time I go.

ning * star said...

oh, please do dooooo a review on the petroleum lip from Vaselin.

Old Cow said...

Hey missus!! YOU PAID HOW MUCH FOR YOUR HI_CHU??? Next time go to Japan Centre or Rice Wine it is 99p!!!