Saturday, 22 August 2009

Black TO BROWN hair.

before. Black

AFTER, I used clairol Nice n' Easy. in natural light brown.
Advantages, it works, disadvantages, i have no idea how much to put on, therefore it's uneven and there is a biiiigg ammonia smell, I felt kinda woozy afterwards haha

BUT in reality. It really doesn't look that different. despite my work colleagues insisting it is. It's just a leeetle lighter, it's only really dramatic in the sun. If you've seen my tweets, you should also know it UNEVEN. i so FAIL at home dyeing. Im DEFINATELY going to a salon next time. =). So my ends of my hair are still it looks like i just dyed my roots a different colour. On the brighter side, one could say it looks like dip dye. haha.


10 Golden Nuggets:

Jamilla Camel said...

The color is gorgeous, but I agree with you: salon is best!

I also hate messing up my bathroom!

Lulu said...

Love the new color!!! and love your hair, it looks so shiny :)

May said...

Luv you new hair color! :)

Emily said...

wah i love your eyecolor, its so pretty, ( wish i could do makeup like u, i suck at it lol)

hmm...your hair color is soooo pretty! makes me wanna dye my hair:p

M said...

great hair color! your hair is super shiny too!

Old Cow said...

OH WHAT SHINE!!!!!!!!!

Dazzling hair my dear! Looks super healthy

Yin said...

Thanks everyone!

I don't recommend it though, ammonia smell TOO DAMN STRONG. argh. I CAN STILL SMELL IT.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I've never dyed my hair before & I think one of the many reasons preventing me from doing so is that I don't want to end up dying my hair unevenly >_< But I do love the new color on you~! :D

Yumeko said...

i cant dye my hair myself cos i am sooo uncoordinated XD

cant wait till i see u ! <3

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