Thursday, 27 August 2009


Yes, the person who bought Yasumi's delicate earrings was meee.
Yasumi included a beauty diaries mask too. Those things are GOLD in the blogosphere. =D I bought some apple polyphenol ones in Hong Kong, but they didn't go well with my skin, it stungg. Luckily, I got to try Yasumi's one: the sakura one. And it smelt so good and was so delicate on my skin. I will be purchasing more sakura ones in the near future.

Anyhoo, the goods. Aren't the earrings just adorable

Just to show my love, Im wearing them out for my night out on town tonight.

Here's my outfit and fotd for the night. It's pretty simple and delicate to match the earrings. I used the maquillage eyes creator PK 366 and it's adorable, it's actually more smokey IRL. the brown don't show up on my phone camera. =/. The dress is from a boutique in HK called bingo in shatin. It's perfectt. although, I think it's too delicate for a club night, BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH, so screw club night, I'll go delicate. =) Sprry about the picture. I'm still getting to grips with my new phone controls.

9 Golden Nuggets:

Lulu said...

oo cute cute! sakura face mask!

We have very similar looking sinks :)

Emily said...

wah~the earring is soooo cute

n it looks very pretty on u

ahhh and i seriously love your outfit, the floral is just so gorgeous

Jamilla Camel said...

Gotta love Yasumi's handiwork..they look gorgeous on you!

C. said...

Very pretty earrings and dress! Very classy for a night out, I love it- I also love your sink, very contemporary =) you look gorgeous <3

May said...

You look so pretty with the earrings. Love your outfit too.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Those are such nice earrings! ^__^ & that's a really cute outfit ;D

Old Cow said...


Dont they look stunning on you! Thank you for taking the time to put this post together. You look adorable

Amanda K said...

pretty earrings!

rhaindropz said...

more pretty jewelries here:

(nope not mine, but it was lisa's)