Tuesday, 11 August 2009

[SNEAKPEEK!] Hong Kong Haul

So here's a sneak peek at my hong kong haul. =)
Will be doing each photo/theme in detail in the next few weeks.
Im a bit busy atm, from unpacking from my holiday and sorting out my new rented house for the next month and uni stuff. so bear with me. =D

ANYHOO, here's the LOOT.



11 Golden Nuggets:

izumi said...

omg that plushie is adorableeee xD looks like you bought a ton! very nice though :D

Jamilla Camel said...

GREAT HAUL and adorable plushie!

Can't wait for the reviews!

May said...

You got some super nice hauls:)

ning * star said...

uh hu... nice haul... wow, I'm really excited for you... do video about your haul?

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous haul! Love all the goodies... hope to see details of the goodies soon! ;)

Eve said...

yummy haul! I thought I was mad and crazy in hk, now I can show bf your haul and make him shout at me less (joking)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

OMG, that Milk Plushie is SUPER cute~! Gosh, I want to get myself one now!! ^__^ haha

Shopaholicgirl said...

love the haul!! U got soo much, I'm jealous :P haha

MiuMiu said...

nice haul! i miss hk already
is tht the maquillage GY865 palette?

Yumeko said...

heloooooo sweets, i saw ur comment on my blog! u're in london!! lemme know if u wanna go eat a meal or shop then!

Yin said...

Thanks everyone! I did buy alot, still think i could've bought more. ^_~

@nling, I'm so not camera material haha. Plus i have too much. HAHA

@dana: I bought the milk plush at the anime expo there. it was 80HKD. Like, £6 [around $12 USD] BARGAIN!

@Miumiu: i think it is. Gotta check the packaging. =) I miss HK too. I miss hk FOODD.