Sunday, 27 September 2009

oven roated tomatoes & seafood spaghetti

When i get bored, especially when im ill, i dream in food. I LOVE FOOD. =D

My recipe for oven-roasted tomatoes and seafood spaghetti is pretty simple. I actually used tagliatelle because im a frugal student and i feel i should use up the tagliatelle packet first! Also, we needed to use up the tomatoes because they were already going soft. I don't know if they're like strawberries, but once strawberries go soft [not mouldy], they have a more intense flavour, I don't know if it applies to tomatoes....oh, and this recipe serves one

-a handful of seafood [if you have more than one person, a few handfuls, I used the frozen kind]
-2 ripe tomatoes
-1 clove garlic
-olive oil
-seasoning [salt/pepper]
-italian chilli oil


1. Line baking tray with foil, drizzle olive oil on, preheat oven to 170 degrees
2. Slice tomatoes, lay them on the olive oil
3. Bake tomatoes until shrivelled- around 10-15 minutes, i kinda eyeball it.
4. Meanwhile, defrost the seafood under running tap water, if frozen.
5. Take tomatoes out
6. Boil water and add salt to it, then add the spaghetti
7. Using a med. skillet pan, heat up olive oil on the pan until hot, and then add chopped garlic. Fry until fragrant NOT BURNT. add seafood, and cover the pan, stirring occasionally until it's fully cooked.
8. Add roasted tomatoes to pan and also chilli oil [optional-i didn't, my throat is killing me], season well, take off heat.
9. once spaghetti is aldente, drain and add to the pan and toss!

Drizzle with olive oil and cheese [optional]

tomatoes are roasting, filling my kitchen with a lovely italian smell =D

Prepared ingredients

finally, time to dig in!

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Blair said...

Yum!!! Thanks for the recipe :)

Jamilla Camel said...

oooh! So mediterranean! I can smell the fresh tomatoes...

C. said...

looks delicious, your roommates are so lucky to be exposed to the food you cook *drool* hope you feel better, drink nyquil like no other babe =)