Sunday, 27 September 2009

Party everyday, p-p-p-party everyday! +FOTD

Im so so so addicted to the 'i gotta feeling' song from black eyed peas. It's such a feel good song.

Anyhoo, sorry for not blogging, been busy partying it up at uni, as it is the first week [PARTY EVERYDAY!] well, every other day. I work hard too, I've been out all day doing and organising society stuffs like 4 hour meetings about what we need to accomplish for our social network. As some of you may know, i'm part of ABACUS [association of british and chinese univerisity students] I'm currently PR. =D So the past few days, i've rarely been in, abacus during the day and clubbing at night. AND NOW IM STUCK WITH THE FLUU... i guess it means my body has completely burned out, and lectures haven't even started.

Anyhoo, here's a few of my clubbing looks. FOTD & OOTDS =D

shimmery brown, ala hippy style. I've said it before: i don't care if its too delicate for clubbing, I LIKE IT. =D

school disco night, simple shirt and shorts

neon rave =D, dark eyes[picture quality = SHITTTT]


8 Golden Nuggets:

ning * star said...

yay... everyone lovesssss paaaartiiieeee~~~

Anonymous said...

hey girl~ nice outfits =)

freshelle said...

cute outfit! esp your clutch! it looks really versatile.

Jamilla Camel said...

Kawaii outfits!

Get well soon!

Emily said...

very cute coutfit, and loev the makeup

u look super cute and pretty

love your style!

MiuMiu said...

i like the braid head band, very cute

Yin said...

thanks for the comments =D
the weave bag is actually the body shops replica of a chanel one, well thats what they said

C. said...

yinnie you look wonderful!! i love how you can rock the headband!