Thursday, 29 October 2009

bobodave haul & Blogsale!

I have included a blogsale blog for the few unloved items. all products at DISCOUNT prices!


I should not be let loose with a piece of plastic on the web. it's dangerous. I spent some dosh in bobodave. =D But they were no regrets =D

I bought BEAUTY DIARIES MASKS. As i said before, it's so raved about. and i've tried cherry blossom before so i KNOW it suits my skin [ i bought the apple polyphenol one before in HK, but that didn't suit my skin- it stung]


i also wanted to try rohto eyedrops. [did try them- first time= i thought my eyes died, but it feels so great to use now =D so minty fresh!] [I love minty fresh eyes- okay should shutup now]

SEE, i didn't go crazy. =D Im quite pleased with myself. OKAY. NOW PROJECT NO MAKEUP kicks in. =)

6 Golden Nuggets:

Toothfairy said...

Nice, I like the masks, my beauty diary masks are the only masks I've tried so far! love it!


Mary in Wonder said...

oh, Bobodave has a nice range of products!
I love the masks! I tried white Bulgarian Rose before and now a Pearl Powder & Natto is on it's way to me =)

xSplendidStar said...

Ohh the eyedrops look appealing :D I'm sick of using the ones from supermarkets like asda, tesco, morrisons etc. They never work! Hehe I want to try that one now >.<


Lulu said...

yay for the bobodave haul! both of the items you got are great! I love how pretty the packaging for the cherry blossom mask looks!

xppinkx said...

hey babydoll!!!

yayyy on BDM!!!...but sorry for the bee sting!! i have been wanting to try some for a while!!! i hear they sting but i guess its from the AHA acids....ohhh and i want to try the lycee drops too!! i cant wait to get my haul in tooo....good picks!

happy halloween babe!!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse, it is removed