Wednesday, 28 October 2009

M.A.C exfoliator REVIEW + HALLOWEEN costume+ nifty giveways


M.A.C limited edition
items really do sell out fast, i was actually lucky enough to get one, although i had to get mine online because it all sold out in store. =/ Postage fees =(. Anyhoo it's a GREAT investment, the exfoliator, which is part of the style black collection is AMAZING.

Here is the content of the exfoliator- gloopy grainy goodness! It does have a smell, its not a great smell, but I'm not bothered by the smell much. it smells a bit like pumice stone.

When rubbed into the skin, you can feel the grains scrubbing away. This is good because i'm not getting jipped with just liquid and not much grains, as you do in some of the cheaper brands. =D

-ABSOLUTELY WORKS, my skin feels SO SO SOOO soft afterwards
-Not pricey, reasonable
-lots of grains- value for money
-a little product goes a long way
-not only face- use it as a body exfoliator

-its limited edition
-uh...nothing? =D

I NEED A BACKUP NOW! if you're wondering whether i would purchase again?


It's HALLOWEEN soon, i've got my outfit planned.
Will be attending as THE DEVIL in a sexy backless red halter dress. [Surprisingly my mother bought it for me in Macau- maybe she wants me to get laid because it's REAALLY provocative]


the neckline

any ideas for makeup?

Oh yeaahh and i'll be smelling of chanel. if you follow me on twitter, you'll know. I HAVE MY FIRST CHANEL PRODUCT, which is none other than the classic perfume- Chanel no.5
Smells so feminine. Ooh la laa


ttyl x

9 Golden Nuggets:

Yumeko said...

ooooh pretty pretty dress!! love it!

Lulu said...

yayy for first chanel! :)

that is a pretty dress! I like it!

Angela said...

I also really like the exfoliator too. I like more than the thermal masks that everyone raved. Im also planning on doing a review on my blog too.

Jamilla Camel said...

Very sexy dress! You need to wear Devil makeup ;-)

I've got the exfoliator too, and I love it!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

You should be very sexy "Merelin Monro" in this hot red dress! Juicy red lips and long very long eyelashes!

ning * star said...

yohoo... i feel like i need to get the exfloliator now. ha xD

Jenna said...

Nice dress >.<

Thanks for the review. I didnt know if i should purchase the mac volcanic exfoliator, but now u helped me make up my mind. will purchase it soon xx

Mary in Wonder said...

very sexy dress! ^.^ I'd say go with a killer red lipstick, black eyeliner (maybe winged) and champagne colored eyeshadow. Perfect <3
With the dress, makeup and perfume you'll be definitely get laid =D Score, mommy!

I don't think any special makeup is needed.

Manju said...

chanel 5, such a classic! i love the dress ^^
new follower, thought i'd say hi :)