Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ruby Tuesdays

The blog title has nothing do with anything in this post at all, apart from the fact that it's tuesday. It's actually a name of an indie night on campus. I just love the word. =D. So, we've established the fact that today is tuesday, yeah? [i should just shut up all together!]

Anyhoo, MY MAC style black volcanic ash exfoliator came through the post today, at uh, 7pm, yeah, that was kinda dodgy. I mean, who delivers packages at 7pm. Thats really creepy. I absolutely cannot wait to use it! =DDD

If you live in England, you will know how Mr. autumn has decided to skip this year out. It's fucking freezing, just checked igoogle, it's 12 degrees outside. Im freezing my ass off, and what better way to warm up than with KOREAN SOONDUBU TOFU STEW. With xppinkx's amazing recipe HERE

here's my take on it. To make this, i trawled my way around town looking for an asian mart that sells proper silken tofu because tesco's decided to not sell it. Amateurs.
I served mine with Kimchi, for the authentic korean feel =P


man, this is turning out to be a long ass post! BUT, i'm not finished yet! haha. There is a london Blogger Meet on the 26th November in London, it's not been organised fully yet, but if you're in London, and in need to do Christmas Shopping! Contact me at

Talking about Christmas shopping, Been making my wishlists already, But everyone knows that everyone is tight on money. damn recession era. I am HANKERING for perfumes this christmas, I don't know why,

The one's on my list is
-Dior Cherie
-L'eau d'issey
-acqua di gio for women [ if its still available]

But they're always so expensive. I want it at a reasonable price, I've searched everywhere, using price search engines such as and also ebay. I've finally settled for the fact that i'll only probably get one this year anyways...sigh.

ttyl x

7 Golden Nuggets:

Yumeko said...

yes i remember it turned cold even when i was in uk like a month ago!
wish it was colder here!

Jamilla Camel said...

Yes, I am doubling up on the jumpers!! I love the food porn!!

ning * star said...

u gonna review on the volcanic mask... yummy kimchi!

Old Cow said...

You what makes me even more worried?? The fact that it's going to get mighty colder!! GRRRRRRRRRR

mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!!! So that is what you needed the tofu for!!

Carine said...

Im from france, but i'm currently studying in england and yeah, know what you mean by freezing. The funny thing is that many english girls don't wear coats or scarves here despite of the cold Oo

Mary in Wonder said...

oh my! That looks so delicious! ^.^ However I've never tried kimchi =D I should look for a Korean restaurant >.<
next time I stop by the MAC counter I'll pick a tube of Volcanic Ash. Have to see it myself if it's really THAT good as everyone says...

Toothfairy said...

how cool that there's a blogger meeting! too bad I'm in the Netherlands... I don't think they do that here...