Tuesday, 10 November 2009

awards & EOTD.

EXTRA NOTE>> I have 80+ BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS. I don't say this enough, but whenever i log on to blog or read any comments [i do read every one of your comments!] but thank you, for following this little blog about my life. I can't express how grateful i am for everyone who do read my blogs [that includes YOU, silent readers!] Please watch my little blog grow even more! <3>

Its been an eventful week, essay procrastination and lots of blogpost last week walk hand in hand. But I FINISHED my essay, which you probably will know if you've been keeping up with my tweets [man i tweet TOO much. im sorry im such a tweetwhore, please tell me if i am and i will try to restrain myself] LOL.

In other news, MY CAMERA DIED. i guess accidentally leaving in on all night effed the battery up- rechargeable is no longer rechargeable but dead. oops. But then again, im not a camera buff so if its not the battery, the actual camera is broken which is a big oops. But i'll need to put in an order for a new battery and try that [so expensive >=(] or i'll have to get a new one. So in a roundabout way, My posts will be not be picture spammed. But that also means, i cannot take pictures. and i loved that camera, whole heartedly. I'm so sad. Im on the brink of grief. =(

I went clubbing yesterday, [because of my camera- had to use photobooth=bad times] it was army themed.

so here's FOTD and a crappy EOTD closeup.
Product used

MUFE HD primer [colourless]
Shiseido dual balancing foundation
Kevin beautymaker magic eye concealer for highlight
Muji pale pink blush [packaging reminds me of shu uemura]
Green and blac face paint

Color palette: in peachy pale colour
Color palette in light olive
Color palette in dark goldy olive
Color palette in black with gold specks.
^ I so need better shadows, These SUCK. but i need more £££. I dont have the number either, it came in one those those big makeup boxes, where the eyeshadows aren't that pigmented at all
Kate gel liner
Fantasy lengths in Lush [the broken up ones]
Anna sui Mascara

Regarding the lush lashes, I feel i should do a review post in the next few days, because they were amazing. and i have some things to nitpick about the other versions revlon sent me.

onto awards, I was tagged by the lovely strawberrymt. @ with a kreative blogger and a lovely blog award.
I think I've done these before but im bored and i finished all my essays for the time being. =D

To accept this award do the following:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
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7 facts
1. I'm actually not a makeup guru at all. I'm more of a skincare girl. I value skincare products above makeup products hence why i don't own alot of MAC.
2. Im a Shiseido whore. I spend my life at their counter because the quite nice old counter lady with amazing skin is a darling.
3. I can never keep ANYTHING tidy. My makeup drawer is shameful
4. I love drinking canned coffee, even though it taste too sweet, too generic but its addictive and easy.
5. I prefer making one pot meals over massive dinners, hence why i love korean stews so much
6. I want to travel the world, preferably in the next ten years: the places i would drop and visit if i could would be: ROME, venice, Barcelona, Thailand, New Zealand, China again, New York, Washington DC, Boston, LA, sanfran, canada, malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.
7. I full on own a chinese ninja knife cleaver thingy. and I have an unhealthy obsession with it because last time i used it, it diced up my onion so easily, it was a magical experiance

hahaha. my acts are just about makeup and food.
So i tag ALL OF YOU. because im too lazy to link. LOL

btw, does anyone know some kick ass html skillz? My layout is TERRIBLE.

7 Golden Nuggets:

Lulu said...

that must be fun, army themed party :)

I like one pot meals too! they just make things so much yummier! even when we eat chinese food with the family, I am the only who starts to pile all the food on top of my rice, i just can't eat rice plain, like everybody else who eats a bite of rice and then take some of the veggies or meat to eat, i HAVE to eat everything together in my own bowl. hahaha

that's a lot of travel plans :) I really want to travel around more as well! Next travel trip, I'd want it to be a China/Taiwan/Japan one :)

C. said...

thanks for your comment! and i love your skin, its so pretty! your look is fierce hun and im not very tidy as well lol. I would love to cook but im such a fail at cooking. im good at the eating part though ;) hhahaha didnt know you were such a skincare guru! thanks for letting me know babe!

Yumeko said...

can i ask wat ppl wear to an army themed club night
i am sooo curious!!!!!

Yin said...

@Yumeko: Well it said army night, but they gave you a t shirt you customised yourself: (you had to buy the t shirt for £10 as it would enter you free in all the bars!] e.g: decorated with paint/pens and/or cut it up. I cut up my neckline and sleeves a bit. Most ppl went in khaki shorts. I was lazy and the weather was cold so i wore jeans. =D and slapped a bit of black and green paint on. =D

Old Cow said...


Loving dance dance dance this will probably make me want to re read wild sheep chase!

1q84 is not translated YET!! I could tell you some tasty tid bits but that will just make you want it more!!

Blair said...

You wanna visit Malaysia? Why??? There's nothing here. Let's go to Singapore instead ;D

I <3 apple scents too!! The VOV Apple AHA mask doesn't smell like apples though, it has a generic perfume-y scent.

Diane said...

haha i have no idea why but the face paint colors that you used reminded me of taeyeon from snsd when they performed genie on inkigayo