Monday, 16 November 2009

Facial massage tips

Before i get started, I'd like to declare my love for freshly baked bread. Bella italia's one that is. So, i popped up to central london for dinner with a close friend on friday and decided to try the italian chain. Mains were crap. BUT THE STARTERS, OHMYGOD. the starters were on a whole 'nother level of OMNOMNOM. [Yes. I just said that sentence, but the bread deserved it.] it wasn't called Pane Bella [Beautiful bread] for nothing!

Check out the food porn
Yes,I did share it

We then headed off to Chinatown, after a stroll around soho and covent garden. Bubble tea and pudding soup galore. Although the sesame paste pudding looked a bit weird. It's supposed to be charcoal black..but this one...wasn't....
[L]Peach and Mango Bubble tea [R] Frothy green tea bubble tea

anyhoo, the main course of today's blogpost is courtesy of my skincare plan i got from shiseido a while back.....WAAAY back in 2008, but it's got some nifty tips on the back. I don't have a camera battery atm, its dead so i just taken a mask from google and edited instructions onto it. Forgive my nasty juvenile scribbles.

So, here's what it says:
Massage can help boost skin metabolism, stimulate healthy blood circulation and revive tired complexion. Apply about 1 teaspoon of massage cream after softening lotion [I just use moisturiser] 6 continuous motions is considered 1 time for each facial area, repeat 3 times.

LONG FACIAL MASSAGE: i do this twice a week
-3-5 minute massage method, using middle and ring fingers

Massage with circular motion from centre of forehead finishing with sligh pressure on the temples.

stroke both sides of nose, massaging around nostrils

Massage from centre of lower lip to edge, bringing lower lipline upward releasing fingers in a forward motion.

Massage upward and outward in circular spiral motions without releasing fingers from face [LOL LOOK AT THE CRAPPY DRAWINGS HAHAHAHA-sorry!]

press inner corners below each eyebrow massage around eyes and finish by pressing temples

-1 minute-what most people do daily. But hey, it took time to, uh, scribble lines on.

1.Massage about 3 times to lift from chin, up and around lips

2.Massage about 3 times on cheeks in larg circular motions

3.Massage from undereye area to forehead about 3 times [my drawings]

4.As the last step, glide fingers gently across face to soothe stimulated skin

Well, these are amazing steps to fight anti ageing, well, make you grow old gracefully. =D I hope it helps.

Facial lifting diagrams in the next post

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Carine said...

I so crave a real baguette from france ^^ I think that food is what i miss the most x)I should go to an italian restaurant too to have nice bread instead of these toasts I get here ^^

ning * star said...

shiseido massage? uh, cool!!!!

Yumeko said...

u are really keen on bread! heehee i just realised its so true

Old Cow said...

I need to take you to my local French Bakery...they are amazing! I bought two loaves recently one with black olives and the other with sundried toms.........tres délicieux.

Old Cow said...
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Jamilla Camel said...

Thank you for the food look so happy!!

Blair said...


Thanks for the facial massage tips! I'm going to bookmark your page and hopefully do it sometime soon.

Mary in Wonder said...

*sniff* I can smell the bread....hmmm....yummy!

WoW the cheek drawing rulez! LOL
So it seems there are motions I didn't know about. I'll try them tonight or tomorrow! Thanks~

Yin said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

@carine: I need to visit france again and bring back a boatload of nice bread. where are you from, in france?

@ning*star: I KNOW. i saw the back of the leaflt when they handed it to me and said 'ooh nifty'

@old cow: haha. its decided. when i see you, [when we decide on a date!] you're showing me that wonderful place. I could live my life in bakeries and patisseries. so romantic.

@Blair: thanks for following. =D the closer i get to 100, giveaway will be in order!

@mary: I know. my computer drawing skills suck i hope you can make something out of them. haha. i need a tablet to work with.

Thanks again for reading my blogposts. Much Love.

Mary in Wonder said...

It's totally understandable!
And looks funny too! ^.^

Ahleessa said...

The facial tip is extremely helpful! :)

I love the picture of you with the bread... hehe~ It's so cute! :)

Toothfairy said...

funny, I just had bread like that for breakfast a few hours back!
haven't had any bubble tea and sesame paste pudding for years, but true, this one looks a bit weird. It's not really black, like it should be hahaha! but how did it taste?


Lai Ying said...

hiyaa just blogwalking
god that bubble tea looks good...
the bubble tea ive had from london chinatown doesnt ever look as yummy as that *___* jealous
nice blog :D

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

What a creative and informative post, I love it!

witoxicity said...

These facial massage techniques post is great. Thanks for posting this. It will be very useful for many of us!

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