Sunday, 29 November 2009

REVLON lashes REVIEW- part 2

The long awaited part 2 of the revlon reviews and I'm very sorry to say that I don't have many pictures. any in fact apart from the ones you've seen in defining and lush. I'm so sorry

So wayyy back, janet lai sent me a small parcel of revlon lashes to try, very very grateful. I didn't know revlon were so interested in the blogging community but they are and i think thats why that even though a few lashes failed on me, I'd still give them props for being aware of the blogging medium.


I got sent 5 different lashes- one for everyday of the working week- LOL. I only really used it to go out and maybe thats why my photography skillz failed because i didn't really go out clubbing cuz of assignments.

Defining were definately the most natural. those were the first i tried on, it was so natural and delicate, it gave a really feminine wispy look. They were also self adhesive so the lash band was made of something rubbery and sticky. The style was easy to pick up and apply. =) I didn't even need GLUE for the ends, or cut the ends, it fitted my eye perfectly

Here's a pic of me wearing them- it's not particularly noticeable

I tried intensifying next, another self adhesive one, and i totally FAILED. In regards to false lashes, I'm a developing noob, i'm getting better, but these pair of lashes highlighted that you need to be extra careful with the sticky lash band because it can get tangled up and bye bye lashes. I needed to cut these ones and scissors and super sticky lash band makes it tangled up even more if your scissors aren't sharp

Lesson one: mind the lash band
Lesson 2: use sharp bladed scissors

onto the add glue on it yourself ones! lashes in Flirty, Precision and Lush

Flirty totally didn't work with my eye shape.they are very FULL looking lashes, twiggy-style in my opinion so specifically made for larger round eyes. My eyes are small and almond shaped thus making me look sleepy and so I looked very very comical with them on. I binned them after applying.

Lesson 3: different lashes may not always suit your eyes.

Precision ones were pretty much the same as defining for me, but with the need for glue, and i needed to trim a bit. Very natural and very chic.

Lush, i used in my army girl fotd and that was by far my favourite because with separate lashes, you can control the intensity of your lashes and it glammed up my eyes without looking sleepy and for me, they didn't feel like they were going to fall off like most full lashes do with my eyes.

The revlon glue supplied deserves a paragraph of its own. For me, the revlon glue is very watery and i couldn't apply with a steady hand [ my own personal problem] and thus i resorted to eyelure's wand stick glue which is amazing. i'm surprised they aren't selling them separately, but you can find them in tokyo lashes and girls aloud lashes. Perhaps, i'm so used to the eylure lash glue that i couldn't get used to revlon's glue

Lesson 4: It's always handy to have a tool with your lash glue!

Army EOTD-lush lashs

In conclusion: Revlon lashes are good in showcasing a number of designs and thus the pros in this review is that there is alot of choice out there on drugstore lash designs. BUT they have to suit you or your look, so with anything, choose carefully. =)
The quality of these lashes are also reasonable for the price tag- £5.49 in superdrugs, and there are great for any night out on the town.

I rate the lash collection 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Shop N' Chomp said...

Great review, Yinnie! :) Thanks for joining my giveaway. Hope you get that Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette!

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review! I've got the Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette and it's great...good luck!

ning * star said...

i think the lashes are really beautiful!!!

Taylor Christine said...

Thanks for the tips, I'm horrible at putting on false eyelashes. It takes me forever... One time while doing it I managed to pull out my contact, it was painful. The lashes look nice on you, very subtle which I like.

Carine said...

thanks for the review, they're indeed not very expensive, I should try them one day, if i dare :p