Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Christmas is near, I hope you've all been watching love actually religiously like i do. haha Thats MY christmas tradition, its always on replay. =)

As many of you may know, this polish is the chanel jade green dupe. and at the moment the most sought after barryM product on the blogosphere. I finally picked it up [i was doing the christmas present rounds] and I'm not that impressed with it [SHOCK HORROR!]

Here's what i got from google [My camera is dead- wont get to use SLR til next week], the actual product itself

I'll start with the positives; I love love love the colour so much, it's so pretty and it's also ONLY £2.49, which is a tenth of the price of the chanel jade green polish and it's a pretty big bottle. The coverage is pretty decent too but,

and here come the negatives: The formula sucks. period. It's really watery but also very gloopy at the same time...even after i shook it, plus it's not a quick dry formula, so for you busy girls of the world out there, this polish is not for you. Not only does it take ages to dry, it smudges really easily. the only way one would actually get it looking perfect is if you don't do anything for about 2 hours afterwards.

NOTM. the lighting is crap, im sorry.

I know its a dupe, but i don't have the high end chanel version to compare with and i don't think i ever will, I could never shell out that much money for JUST nail polish, even if it is LE.

My rating: 3/5
I wouldn't purchase again. I prefer metallic shades better.



Keep warm over the winter season girls!

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Blair said...

High five babe! I'm with you on NOT shelling out much money for nail polishes even though they are LE. I love LE stuff but nail polishes aren't worth it.

witoxicity said...

I just won this nail polish the other day in a giveaway. I must say that I agree with you on all counts. The one redeeming point is that it's a fabulous colour. I remember saying that it almost glows in low-lighting. :D

Mary in Wonder said...

Poor Chanel Jade is a legend already! Going for ~100 bucks online..just coz it's sold out most of the stores....(and it's pretty too HEHEHE)

It'd have been good if this BarryM delivered. Actually I ruin even the "60 sec" polishes since I can't sit still for long 2 hours is impossible! @_@

Eve said...

i got that one when I shopped with you last time in Westfields. i love it is rather thick, but it takes long time to dry. I'm unsure if it is a general formula that Barry M carries. I took at least 20 mins for 2 coats and kind of dry, and managed to smudge 2 fingers during drying...
oh well. I wore them to Berlin but my bf not impress...

Carine said...

this polish don't seem to be worth the hassle :/

Angie said...

i love this colour actually - it's really pretty