Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sleek Graphite SWATCHES + Mail love.

I know this is late, but i did pick up the sleek limited edition graphite palette a few weeks ago. =) Here are the swatches, been using it for all my smokey eye looks. =)

the palette
Look how pretty the colours are,

the first swatch is the top row. i do find that the shades aren't as pigmented as the original palette [which is like butter!]

Bottom row

OOh,santa came early this year. Christine ( I did a swap with her earlier this season. Check her blog, shes awesome. anyhoo, this girl KNOWS me so well. She got me a BOATLOAD of f21 stuff, we can't get f21 in the UK [we get hollister and abercrombie but thats it. haha] ANNNND she got me macs lip erase, i mentioned i was looking for it WAAAAYY back, and she remembered. [even i forgot lol]

anyhoo, have a look!

I won't be blogging as much this week, have an assignment and also i got sidetracked by the wonderful glamourous hong kong drama- beyond the realm of conscience! I will hopefully have my 100 follower giveaway soon [5 MORE PLEASE!] up by next friday too.

until i next blog, stay healthy, eat fruit and never let your indian friend loose with pink shadow and glitter- EVER. =D (yes I'm talking about you Jaz!)

5 Golden Nuggets:

Anonymous said...

OoO what a nice palette with dark smokey colors!

C. said...

aww such pretty colors! and i hope you enjoy everything =) your awesome!! your friend must really like pink! haha you still look pretty cute =)

Carine said...

I really need to buy a sleek palette *add it to wishlist*

Jaz said...

haahah u HAD to choose the WORST of all pics when we went stupid with the glitter to put on ur blog.. the other one looked FAIRLY nice!!!!!

Madam Miaow said...

Love the graphite palette.