Sunday, 31 January 2010

LIP SWATCH: sleek wonderlast 2 step colour gloss

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EEK, its the ends of January ALREADY? Time goes pretty damn quick. Soon, my penultimate year at University will end, and dissertations start. I don't want to grow up!

I've been on a makeup fast for a few weeks, 3 weeks already! But I gave in the other day and bought a lipstik, but it was a drugstore buy at only £3.99. I want to save money this year so I\m not spending so much on high end because i have so much makeup still to use. =)

Small print; this product was bought from my own earnings. and I give a completely honest review on all my products.

anyhoo, the lowdown on this lipstick/gloss.

Sleek's wonderlast claims to: provide lips with a medium coverage of colour and shine, The top coat is used to seal the colour and make it last longer and lock moisture into lips. Taken from the website.

The colour is: Crimson Fire 614.

Pros: It comes with a fluffy angled wand which is quite easy for application on lips. the directions are to put the colour on, wait 45 seconds until dry, and then lock the moisture/colour but putting gloss on over. The consistency of the colour is quite thick and goes on pretty well, and i would say it's actually quite heavy coverage.But that doesn't surprise me because sleek always give high quality very pigmented colours! It does what it says on the tin and it does last wonderfully for hours on end. I had this on for 6 hours and it was still on, albeit not as vibrant as when i first put it on.

My only concern is that, its an absolute bitch to remove. i had to resort to my expensive shiseido eye/lip remover to get it off.

Colour & Lip swatches. [I changed cameras halfway, my brother digi canon has poorer quality in comparison to the DSLR. =)]

ignore my fat chins please hahahaha. the pictures of my lip doesn't do the colour justice. it looks amazing in RL.

My verdict; +10 for Sleek for another great product.

On another note: My mother is SUCH a style icon for me, she has an eye [not for the queer guy, but amazing fashion bargains!]

So i dedicate todays OOTD to her.

Faux fur shrug: Necessary objects @TkMaxx
Burgandy Heattech sccop top: uniqlo
Leggings: Chinese boutique.

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ko0ty said...

Dayumm that red is RED!! I love it though!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

This lip color looks totally hot!

Lovely outfit ;)

Dina (XYYan) said...

love the red colour! you totally rock it :D

Rena said...

OOHH! that's what i call RED!

<33 rena

cleung341 said...

That red is hot!

Nina said...

That is an awesome red! I love it!

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

amynaree said...

nice red, very sexy!

Mary in Wonder said...

omigod! It's simply...RED! HAHA
So vibrant! If they think this is medium coverage, than what is full?

Strawberry`mt said...

for £4 that looks amazing!
you have pretty lips hehe ♥

izumi said...

oo lalaaa! flaming red!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome red! for sexy look :))hehe

YJia said...

Wow the red color is so hot !

Yin said...

woop, thanks for all the comments guys, I have picked a winner for the mini giveaway.

But this lipstick is VERY affordable, and I can do a custom buy for people if you REALLY WANT IT. (email me!)

Jamilla Camel said...

Love the outfit!!!!

Must try the gloss--thanks for the review!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

ThanQ so much Yinnie! You made my day :)