Sunday, 28 February 2010

Blogger Meet/Swap & OOTD

Before i start, I'd like to begin my little rant about Debenhams online service. ITS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL I ordered the limited edition UD alice palette over a week ago and It still hasn't arrived. Everyone else has got theirs, even those who ordered LATER than me. What is UP with that. I will never order from them again. I want my alice palette now. *stomps*

S0 bad news aside...

I adore my blogger meetups, I actually met up with some on Saturday, I met the lovely Sheila for lunch. Hailing from Vancouver. =) We decided to go eat a Korean lunch and wander around the kooky streets of Laaandon. =)

headed to selfridges and covent garden, selfridges to specifically try some pierre Herme Macarons. £2 per macaron, the size of a small ping pong ball. I have expensive taste, I know. The box design is lovely and i WILL use it to store my things, maybe with some trinklets that lie around on my makeup drawer...hmm. The Macarons were devoured in a matter of minutes for our desserts at Eve's house

After a wander round the cosmetic counters in selfridges, [where we picked up some amazing strivectin facial samples! and some illamasqua!] It was already time for the main blogger event, Hot pot at Eve's wonderful home ^^. I got to see the famous Liz/jamilla who brought over her ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS malteser cake. =) and i also met the lovely Jennifer. (All Names are linked to their blogs, please look at their wonderful wonderful blogs. Shame we missed Kelly this time round, I miss her. =) It was so great seeing old faces and new faces. =)

So a meat filled, tofu filled meal later, Eve had organised time for desserts and a makeup swap.

here's the swap loot i got, Thanks to the girls for being so generous and thanks to Eve and her fiance for hosting it in their home =) (I hope you guys have a great time on holiday!)


Eyeko Touch and go highlighter
Elisha coy BB cream
Hanskin Glossy Bb cream
Soap and Glory Concealer
Kryolan compact powder
Kiss compact powder
Nixie eyeshadow
Majorca majolica Automatic eyeliner
Lancome mini palette

I wore this on Saturday, It's a pharoh print dress from Topshop. It's so cute paired up with a blazar. I'm sorry for my extra long post!


17 Golden Nuggets:

Sheila P said...

You looked GORGEOUS on saturday!!! I was so happy to have finally met you all, thanks for a great time =)

Hope to see you again before I leave!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yinnie! thanks for the msg :) yeah its LE. from ages ago tho :/

i miss London!! your blog feeds my london needs haha

ning * star said...

I wish i can test Jamilla cake... coz it looks soooo yummy! great meet up, I wish I have a meet up >.<

oh, your momma come to M'sia already? U can ask her get some MJ stuff from Mid Valley Watson drugstore.

Yin said...

WOAhh quick replies haha

Thank you Sheila. Was really great chatting to you all dayy, sorry i never stop chatting haha.

Nicnic: Woo are you visiting london anytime soon?

songling: Yeah she got back yesterday, she didn't get to shop alot so i didnt get any MM stuff, but it's okay I'll live. =) How are you?


Old Cow said...

Dear Yinster!

That is a mighty charming dress you have there!!


C. said...

aww yinnie, i hope your palette comes soon! im sure you will love it beyond belief hehe.

you got some lovely goodies! hope to see more posts from you and the dress is extremely cute!

evie said...

looks like a lovely meetup! how i wish i could attend too! XD

Yin said...

@old cow: Why thank you *curtsies* Your dresses are so much more special though. =)

@christine: i hope i do too and thank you. =) I hope everything is okay. =)

@evie: Yeah Next time you're in london, we'll definately invite you. Where are you from?

thanks for the lovely replies, ladies.

evie said...

hehe spore..far far away from london~ lol...hope to visit london in the near future..h^^

Mary in Wonder said...

aww but now you finally got your UD palette, so do a lot of looks with it! ^.^

And I love that Kryolan powder...hope you'll have only good to say about it!

Jamilla Camel said...

Great dress! It was great seeing you and the girls, and I'm glad you liked the cake!!

My house next time!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love that dress on you! Sounds like you girls had a fantastic time. =D

P.S Thank you for your sweet comment!

Dina (XYYan) said...

sound like a fun meetup! love your dress :)

izumi said...

WOW what a cute dress!

Yin said...

@evie: aw you'll have to let me know when you do visit ^^

@Mary: ooh the kryolan was a perfect match. it's great ^^

@jamilla Camel: Thanks for the cake and the stories. We definately have to meet the famous tommy

@shop'n'chomp: thank you for visiting, and the compliments.

@dina & @izumi: thank you ^^

☆Anastacia☆ said...

You girls really had a great meetup together! Thats so amazing to see some of beauty bloggers!!
Like your dress! So pretty fashion!

Lavender said...

Shall wait for your review on the Shiseido foundation. Oh, Your mom is from Malaysia, it's a small world, I am in M'sia and my bro is in UK.