Monday, 22 February 2010


Firstly, I've got some giveaway news! Lushae Jewelry from Jewelry art design contacted me recently about a MAHOOSIVE draw they're holding on their website. Grand Prize for one blogger is $5000, and they are also giving out $200 daily if you go to their website Here.
Have you SEEN their handiwork? it's frickin' gorgeous!

(P.s: If you enter lushae jewelry giveaway, I will do a random giveaway draw giving away another sleek wonderlast colour gloss! when i get 15 participants using my link! please comment below if you have ^^)


-Must be 18+
-a follower subscriber
-Leave her a comment tell her your must have item in your skincare/makeup drawer
-Reblog her giveaway ^^

Big thanks to Miss P and good luck to all of you!

I hit the town last weekend to experience london clubbing, so I thought to myself, what better way to do it than go clubbing at SEONE, there was a chinese new year themed night happening, so why ever not!

...I stupidly left my graphite palette at uni, and had no shadows on me to play with. Can anyone say EPIC FAIL? So I headed out to superdrug and picked up the first smokey palette shadows I saw.


L'oreal Grey Obsession [trio eyeshadows] retails for approx £7.99.
In store with the bright lights, the swatches weren't so bad, I got home and I really regret this purchase. But I needed some smokey shadows for my eyes that night so I sucked it up. It didn't last very long either, and the club was not that sweaty either. So far, my concerns with this product is
a) Its not pigmented enough, for the price, I expected it to be so much better, but in comparison to the cheaper sleek graphite palette, it doesn't compare.
b)It doesn't last long
c) Its expensive
d) furthermore, the applicator given is curved, you can't really apply with it. FAIL.
e) I tried swatching it wet too, It has better pigmentation BUT still smudges easily and the olour goes in about......5 minutes. BAD BAD BAD

I've heard good things about L'oreal makeup products and frankly, I was disappointed. However I have yet to try the much raved about HiP liners (which are said to compare to the UD liners]

Would I purchase again: No! Definately not.
Disclaimer: Product was bought from my own money, i am not affiliated with any major companies and i will ALWAYS ALWAYS give you an honest review.
I realise I should blog more, I'm sorry. But until my next post, please take care.

5 Golden Nuggets:

Carine said...

Thanks for letting us know that this product is crappy !
It's okay if you don't blog more.. I mean, it should be pleasure, not an obligation :/ I like reading your posts though ^-^

Marce said...

It sucks that this product didn't work for you...judging by the photos, the pigmentation is terrible! No way will I buy this!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

ThanQ for the review! The swatches are really not so pigmented at all but I do like that Silver shade one.

lilluna5416 said...

thanks for the quick review, now i know, avoid at all costs lol

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sorry to hear it wasn't a winner. =(