Sunday, 21 March 2010

Casual FOTD & OOTD

I didn't have time to upload my birthday pics up, but this is my casual weekend birthday lunch/dinner with family FOTD & OOTD. Very boring, but very classic.

Today's FOTD is created with mainly Japanese brands which is why the FOTD is so sheer. I think it suited my nude pink top very well. If you can tell, I have finally learnt how to take pictures of my face with my dslr..nicely. (my hands were trembling under the weight, but ITS AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR ME!)


Products used (mostly japanese brands haha)
-Shiseido tinted moisturiser in Light/clair
-Hanskin glossy bb cream (as highlight)
-Shu Uemura compact powder
-Shiseido Lavshuca automatic liner in black
-Shiseido maquillage eyes creator PK366- Brown Colour & cream liner
-Shiseido maquillage palette face creator
-Majorca Majolica Lash gorgeous wing mascara
-Benefit boiing concealer
-Bourjois Matte lipstick (forgotten the shade!)

Denim skirt: New Look
Pink jersey top: New Look
Tights- Sainsbury

annnnd finally, my birthday present from my parents- EARRINGS!


I've done alot of random fotds and eotds, i think a comparison/review is in order soon. Any requests. Please let me know by emailing me at or commenting below.

edit: I forgot to mention, I was recently awarded some blog awards by the lovely
Nic Nic at BangBang she shoots
Thank you Nic Nic

Passing on this love to...
Peonies and Lilies
and any one else who wants it!

10 Golden Nuggets:

Sheila P said...

You're so cute, so glowy looking =)

Fingers crossed you can come on the 27th... or else I'll be disappointed and sad =(

izumi said...

love your outfit! especially your top, so cute :D

ning * star said...

nice OOTD. aww, so many meet up, i wish i can join!

Old Cow said...

Bless you and your nude top with your pretty face and your stunning personality that shines through your blog!


Love the look, it's relly fresh and spring like.

Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty look!

Happy Birthday--great earrings!

Jess said...

I love your natural look! Don't you love the Maquillage Face Creator? ;)

Carine said...

These earrings are so pretty :D yur parents have good tastes !

Anonymous said...

Love the natural look, very pretty!! More FOTD plz ;)

Btw how do you like the shiseido TM?! OMG You're nearly done with it!!! hehe.. I'm only 2/3 through lol

Yin said...

I'm so sorry for the late replies, I've been a bit lazy recently!

@Sheila: Cant make the 27th, I'm so sorry. Deadlines and stuff. I hope you have a great time in Asia!

@ning*star: next time I'm in Malaysia, we'll definately meet. =)

@izumi: Thanks for always reading my posts. ^^. It was a cheap top too, like £8 (with 20% student discount!)

@Old Cow: aw thank you. How can i not mention you, your blog is one i always always check ^^. Gotta love spring looks!

@jess: I love the 3d face creator, a little sheer so i have to pile it on, but it is SO pretty. I only went into Seibu to get the PK366 eyes creator but I walked out with that and this. haha

@Carine: They do have great taste! i always get jewellery from them. =)

@Nic Nic: I love the Shiseido TM. Yeah, but i did buy it last July. so its lasted me aggges =). I want to try the Laura mercier one next but its like £10 more expensive which is kind of...OVER the budget.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Happy Belated B-day! :D I love the natural look of this pretty. Your earrings are gorgeous! Great OOTD and congrats on your award.