Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dancing with the Fairies & Alice.

I've been dropping hints about this post for the last few days, if you've been reading my past posts. The reason being, I was cleaning my brother's room and i found some old childhood books lodged behind the bookshelf and it completely took me back to being a kid. (I'm in a childish mood recently, been watching loads of old school disney and reading children's books

Anyways, When i was a little girl, i was enchanted with the notion of fairies. So much so, my mother bought be this beautiful book which has a collection of wonderful flower fairy pictures each with its own poem.

Today, is based on The sloe fairy, I've also included the poem that comes along with it.


The song of the Sloe Fairy
When Blackthorn blossoms leap to sight,
They deck the hedge with starry light,
In the early spring
When rough winds blow,
Each Promising
A purple sloe.

And now is Autumn here, and lo,
The Blackthorn bears the purple sloe
But ah, how much
Too sharp these plums,
Until the touch
Of Winter comes!

Annnd, here's the EOTD: (sorry about my awful skin, it was the day the paul and joe moisturiser broke me out. =/ and the awful eyebrows-I'm just very very lazy!)


The colours i used, Shu uemura palette & UD Alice palette
Lilac colour in Shu uemura
Absolem (UD) Green
Curioser (UD) light Purple
Underland (UD) Deep Purple
Silver liner in Shu uemura (did nothing, was not creamy enough)

Alice in Wonderland Movie!
I just saw this today (in 2d- 3d not available) and i absolutely loved it. Depp and Bonham Carter were fabulous as usual, as was alan rickman as the caterpillar. I Think the red queen is such a delightful character 'MY JABB-BABY-WOCKEYY' 'fat boys' I love her SO much. I know she's evil, but hey. =) I'm not going to give you any spoilers but lets just say, tim burton has not disappointed me. The scenery was gorgeous, the costumes, the imagination was all wonderful.

I definately recommend it!

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adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I'm so into fairies when I was younger & until now...lovely!! and anything tim burtom I dig...

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Ohhhh! I am so want to see this movie but it's very late in Korea :S

Old Cow said...

You didnt pick just ANY faery! You picked the SLOE faery!!! I love sloe certainly brings the colour back to my cheeks.

Thank you for a wonderful post. Your EOTD is positively perfectly shaded and blended.

Psssst that awful P&J stuff broke me out too!! I filed it in the bin!

Yin said...

adin_22: i think every little girl loved fairies.

anastacia: aw, but whn it does come out, its still going to be amazing. =) are you taking your son to watch it? cuz it is a little scary for younger kids

Old Cow: ahh i need to try some sloe gin, i just think the colours were so pretty in the picture. =)

Ugh, i was expecting a lot more from P&J, =(.

Thanks for all the lovely comments, ladies

ning * star said...

aww... I so wanna watch that movie, hmm, if time allow, maybe I can watch it this Saturday or Sunday... Is it in 3D too?
I hardly remember the cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland which I had watch probably, 15++ ago and I just remember the clock.. haha

Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty fairy-like look!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty combo!! I wanna see your face next time ;) too much info on the movie... not seen it yet.. really want to!! T_T

I remember those pretty fairies... reminds me of the victorian times!

Mary in Wonder said...

aaaah I've been waiting for this movie ever since the first trailers came out! But I don't want to watch it in 2d, but only one cinema plays it in 3d....and I dunno if I can manage to go there in time to catch the movie....arrgh
J Depp! ^.^ Luv ya? How can he wear heavy makeup so fucking well? *_*

Carine said...

I love fairies too, I have lots of fairy-related things in my room ^-^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty EOTD! I wanted to see it this past weekend but it was rainy and yuck. =\ Hopefully I'll be able to catch it soon!

Imo said...

Lovely eyes! what do you think of the palette thus far? Its very sparkly I must say :l

Yin said...

@imo: I like the palette. but i kinda expected the shades to be different and more corresponding. like queen should have been a reddy colour and mad hatter a bright crazy orange. Maybe a bit more like the coastal scents palette colours.

@ningstar: yeah 3D is mostly available but my cinema doesnt offer it, i'm sure it will in most major city cinemas

@nic nic: im sorry for the spoilers. =( I know, i love how they did the watercolours.

@mary; i know even with crazy makeup i would so do johnny depp. haha. 2d is good. 3d makes my head hurt a bit, i rather enjoy my film than be hurting my way through it.

@carine: I still do, but when i was younger my mother totally decked me out in fairy tutus and wings ALLL the time. =) it was cute

thank you ladies for your comments. x

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

Lovely fairy look!! I can't wait to watch the movie too, it's one of my childhood favourites :D xx

Jennifer said...

Hi Yinnie!

I'm back in Copenhagen for a few days, in fact i'm leaving to Stockholm tomorrow! :D

lol ad-hoc travelling...

나니 said...

OMG U HAVE ZE URBAN DECAY PALETTE! *_* -raids Yinnie's makeup collection-

Btw, I tried out the purples in my new Sleek palette, and may I say that them colors are PIGMENTED AS FUCK<3 GOD I love it.. As soon as I get money here on the 1st (which is in a gazillion years) Imma go all crazy on makeup shopping. Btw, I watched the DVD u got me quite a few times already.. I LOVE IT<3

You rock girl!
Too bad we dun talk as much..
Oh, and the makeup look is nice :"D Unless it was intended for the colors to be rather vague, I suggest u try out the Milk jumbo pencil by NIX and put that under the shadows. It makes the colors pop :'D U can also use like a light green or lavender, depending on what color u want of course.. Ahh, I'm blabbering.. Anyways..
<3 uuu
-ships cookie-

Yin said...

@jennifer: I know i saw on your facebook, you're going to see the northern lights, i'm jealous!

@Line: see i told you you would love the ghibli film =) Yeah sleek is VERY very pigmented. =) yeah sorry we dont talk much anymore, msn just don't appeal to me much anymore. =/ oh well I hope you're good. =)

Arianne said...

I love this! Green and purple is such a great combo. I should try it sometime.