Thursday, 25 March 2010

Eyeshadow Refills are the Pokemon of the female world.

EDIT: Just checked Hits stats. I had over 1K hits over the last week (14th-20th March) I'm SO thankful for all your readers. it totally made my day =)

This post was actually inspired by a shop that added me on twitter- The Makeup Artists Boutique (I'm not actually advertising for them but ..i guess this is free publicity)

So I was browsing through their website which sells Yaby and OCC products (which is really good since you can't get them in England openly) and i noticed that with Yaby, you can create your own palettes! I was seriously impressed by the price. £2 per eyeshadow and just over a tenner for a 20 pan palette. I have serious lemmings for this.

In the midst of joining the many many pokemon groups on facebook, I did notice that perhaps eyeshadow refill pans are the pokemon for the female world. the eyeshadows are the pokemon, and the palette is your pokedex. =) If that's the case, I'm treading on dangerous waters, I loved collecting my pokemon, cards and game wise.

Just a fun little thought I thought I'd like to share with you.

7 Golden Nuggets:

Blair said...

LOL at the pokemon reference! I prefer palettes over singles though... I think it's just me :)

C. said...

LOL i love pokemon!! good thought!

izumi said...

LOL, awesome metaphor :P

Anonymous said...

ohh i didnt know it was that reasonable..... one of the reasons not to be in japan!

ohhh i agree.. i did that with my MAC palette. I could fill it up but 2 cos i have depotted the 2 eyeshadows i have left over.. and i dont know if thats ever gonna happen cos i dont have rubbing alcohol and i would touch plastic with my ghd with a barge pole :P

now you got me lemminggg

ning * star said...

pokemon gotta chatch'em all..... lol, make me feel like we bought all those LE items. haha

Carine said...

Like the title of your post, it made me smile :)

Mary in Wonder said...

OMG NOOOOOO Pokemon!?!?!?! Seriously!????