Friday, 5 March 2010

Goodies from Malaysia!

wooo I''ve blogged three times this week. I'm on a blogging roll =)
I recently got gifted a few products from my mum who went to Malaysia to visit her home. =) I only asked her to purchase a few things, but she only purchased one. I don't really mind, it was the most important anyways.

My one Shiseido haul: The Makeup Dual Balancing foundation in O20
-I love this foundation, its a semi matte finish and it still looks very very natural. =) (Must do a review and comparison soon)


This is actually a backup for my current one, different shades though. Old one is I20(ivory) and my new one is O20 (Ochre) The O20 actually makes my skin more radiant despite having more of a yellow shade. I wasn't all that convinced at first, I have a weirdly yellow and pink based skin so if its TOO yellow, it looks like i have jaundice or i'm very very orange. Whereas, ivory can look make it look less radiant. I'm very impressed with both shades because there is hardly much of a difference between the two and i can carry them both off. =)

L-I20 R-O20

Here's some more gifts I got:
Milo Fuze Mocha sachets, free shiseido cream bag, Tofu Recipe book (I LOVE TOFU!)

One of the t-shirts she bought, Look how cute it is. Not digging the neckline though, is it a v-crew cut? Its very confusing. =/

Look at the cute motif <3

Also, I was browsing through some old childhood books and I found a perfect inspiration for a FOTD using the UD alice palette, so my next post will be a little delayed. =)

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Old Cow said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i am working on a post inspired by childhood books!! hahahahahaha GREAT MINDS!! Come gimme a hug!

ning * star said...

oh, tofu recipe book? mind to scans some pages and put it in your blog? I'm very interesting ON tofu

Yin said...

@Old cow: *HUG* I can't wait for your post. ^^

@songling: Yeah I'll try, it'll be in the next two weeks though =)

Thanks girls for reading

Jamilla Camel said...

TOFU TOFU TOFU! You know how I love my Tofu, after seeing me stuff my face with it!!!

You and I are quite similar in shade, and I wear O20, which perfecto!!

FuriousFeng said...

cute shirt! What kind of tofu dishes will you be making?

YJia said...

ur mother is from Malaysia ?
I'm a Malaysian too ^^
Btw the shirt really so sweet and nice ^^

Dana Yoshimizu said...

OMG, I have to comment you ASAP - guess who was in my dream last night!?


Omg it was really weird because I like almost never have dreams with my fellow bloggers in it! XD I just thought it was funny and I had to tell you. You went to my school and we bought makeup together! hahha!

sophia said...

that t-shirt is the cutest! and i agree - the neckline is funny.. i prefer a true v-neck... crew necks can be unflattering :/

Yin said...

@jamilla: We love tofu. =) I'll try scan some recipes and translate (poorly but it's worth a shot)

@Furiousfeng: There are some really easy recipes, so i'll start with that like silken tofu toppings. =)

@Yjia: yeah, my mother is from malaysia, I do try to visit every few years. So We'll have to meet up.

@Dana: OMG THATS SO WEIRD. haha Thanks for dreaming about me....

@Sophia: Yeah, I look really dumpy in a crew neck....haha.

Thanks for dropping by girls x

izumi said...

yummmmm tofu! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

How sweet of your Mom! =D I haven't tried Shiseido's liquid foundation so am looking forward to your review. I heart that motif on your tee.

(( Ms. K )) said...

The heart on the shirt really stands out, looks pretty cute.