Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pictures of my new Tofu recipe book

I mentioned this in my malaysian goodies post and so many people were interested in seeing this book, so i took the liberty of snapping a few shots of whats inside the book. I'm still working on recipe translations so they should be up soon. My chinese is diabolical. I'm actually making mapo tofu tonight for dinner and that kinda reminded me to post this post.

Question: Do you reckon its okay to use the tube tofu for my mapo tofu dish, cuz all the ones i've seen and eaten are all cubed. and this is cylindrical....

Mapo tofu

a few topping ideas to eat with silken tofu- tofu has a pretty clear taste to the palette, so it absorbs any kind of flavour you add to it, so effectively you can put any topping on top.

Tofu Omelette


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Yumeko said...

i dont see why not?
except sometimes tofu in a tube has egg in it. so it depends on whether u want that.

ning * star said...

oh, it must taste so good.
normally I buy tube tofu but I find out that tube tofu is a lil bit hard to get all the tofu out, my tofu will end up like "Shit". The cube one will be way easier. I don't think the taste will be different.

Musicalhouses said...

Mmmm tofu....Now looking at your pics has made me hungry!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I'm a newb in the kitchen so I'm no help but that tofu omelette looks divine!

C. said...

im not a big fan of tofu, but i love bean curd and stinky tofu.

but damn, those pictures make me wanna get some tofu...must be the sauce and glossyness!

izumi said...

yummmmmm. i love tofu~ :D

YJia said...

Yeap it's okay because I think no matter is the tube tofu or the block tofu ,it came out with the same look after cooked what ^^
But I prefer block tofu^^ It taste better ^^

I used to cook my own tofu soup.
- Use a block tofu and smashed it until very very soft, then put a little bit water , just a little bit water is enuff ^^
The ratio is abt 1 tofu : 1/3 water.

-start to cook until it boil and add some ham floss inside.(as much as you like ^^)

-Add some salt to season it ^^

-Lastly, add an egg , stir it well and it's ready to eat ^^( you might add some green shallot on top as you like ^^)

actually this is very easy+fast+healthy meal .You can add any ingredients inside as you like^^

*you can try to 勾芡 if you prefer thicker texture^^
I dunno whther u understand this chinese word or not^^勾芡 is the mixture of some water with tapioca. powder

Anonymous said...

i love tofu! we eat it cold here.. nice with soy sauce and ginger paste! Go try it :)

ohh if you go to a japanese restaurant you will love agedofu (fried tofu) super yummy!

Anonymous said...

ahh i forgot... try making chanpuru - basically tofu + bitter melon + egg. Simply okinawan dish - healthy and delicious!

May said...

I'm a fan of tofu. I love Korean tofu soup:) I don't see why you can't use the tube toful.

Looks yum:)

Yin said...

thanks for all the replies ladies. =) I am ever so grateful. My mapo dish turned out wonderfully well- might omit the meat next time, i'm fine without it. =)

Christine; stinky tofu? omygod that stuff is LETHAL. hahaha

Yjia: Thanks for the great recipe

NicNic: I love agetofu, it is wonderful. =) Cold tofu? Sounds yummy. I've only had cold tofu in dessert form.

I's love to make some more tofu dishes this week, but i totally heard that eating tofu more than 1x a week is bad for you. =/