Monday, 19 April 2010

Even Volcanic Ashclouds have a Silver Lining EOTD

There's a lot of things in my blog that I should really get in the habit of:
a) Watermarking my photos (...But I'm just so lazy)
b) Stop sporadic posting ( I failed today)
c) Get better a better picture hosting site (because photobucket ruins my resolution.)

So, I'm going to tackle (a) and (c) today. (If you're asking what happened to (b), I'm not yet ready to give that up!)

Today's EOTD blogpost features the liquid metal surge from Illamasqua, which is such a versatile product!

Okay, so its not blended expertly, but I wanted to keep some of the depth. And it's not an over the crease look either because I was heading out to Dinner with my Family!


Products used

-Benefit creaseless cream/liner in Recess
-Illamasqua liquid metal in Surge (bottom liner and used a bit on the eyelid)
-Sleek graphite palette (3rd shade from the top left)
-MM gorgeous lash wing mascara
-MM automatic liner

So its a bit grey and gloomy to be the 'clouds' but...I'm basing this affairs, like the Ashcloud from the Icelandic volcano. So to round up, this will be my Even Volcanic ashclouds have a silver lining! I hope everyone who is affected by the ashcloud have their travel plans resumed rapidly! thus this post is dedicated to you...stranded people!


16 Golden Nuggets:

Jamilla Camel said...

I love that cool metallic shine against your skin.

I HOPE that the volcanic ash heads somewhere else!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

awee! The color looks so nice!

Nicol said...

inspired by the actual clouds ;D

lilluna5416 said...

this looks amazing on your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!! What's the formula like?? Matte? Is it longlasting?? In my experience creamy products tends to crease easily and doesn't last very long :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie~ I know how you feel about watermarking photos, lol I get lazy sometimes too =P and very nice and simple look!

May said...

I love this look, very pretty and simple:)

izumi said...

i hope the air clears up soon!! but this IS a really gorgeous look :)

Yin said...

i won't have any more EOTD for the next week, i have an EYE CYST! Thank you for the lovely comments. Im loving simple neutral looks atm.

Nic Nic: I will put up a review soon, just gotta try it a bit more. =D


나니 said...

I LOVE that color on you *_* it's amazing. And it doesn't look just a 'little' blended, but very deep and emphasizing on the crease. I LOVE IIIIIT<3

Carine said...

This ash cloud is gonna get legendary :p

Marce said...

Very pretty! I really like that dirty silver colour :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Lovely EOTD and great job on the watermarking. :D I'm still too lazy to do that...hehe.

DiWiMakeup said...

Nice and simple look. The color reminds me a lot like a color frm the maybelline natural smoke's quad. So jealous of your long lashes!

xo, Diana

Jess said...

Oh, love the metal e/s on you! Very natural EOTD! Love it!

Imo said...

Im loving the grey, silvery thinks I want that sleek pallette