Wednesday, 14 April 2010

[REVIEW] Estee Lauder Makeup remover + FOTD

So I finally got round to getting some decent photos done with the DSLR and also doing a substantial Blogpost! YAY for me.

Now Estee Lauder's Take it Away Makeup Remover has been sitting in my pile of 'doing absolutely nothing, yet only tried when playing with makeup.' I finally got around to using it everyday, and I must say- It melts away EVERYTHING, including the toughest of the tough.

So what does it claim to do? Well, it's suitable for all skin types (all in one formulas scare me..) and it is specifically designed for longwear and waterproof makeup removal. Apply to dry skin, rinse off, or tissue off.

Sounds simple and efficient enough. So this is not just a 'let's just talk about it' review, this review is JAM-PACKED with obstacles for our contender to overcome. Ok, Perhaps not so epic,

I'm chucking this in the deep end. We all know Japanese mascara formula as hardwearing, stiff and very very hard to remove. So here's the mightiest mascara I use- Shiseido MM gorgeous lash wing. Yes, The Big Guns.

and the results? -2 swipes later- Absolutely Amazing.

To be honest, when I first picked it up, I was not convinced, call me a makeup snob but I've never found a remover that works on MM and thus making me resort to buying a specific Asian Brand remover, which is usually quite oily/greasy. But Estee Lauder melted my mascara right off. and also my heart. The consistency looks quite creamy, but in fact it is the opposite. It's an incredibly light formula for something that claims to remove hard wearing makeup, but it works. It's like water on the skin, so its great for sensitive skin types like myself. In addition, it doesn't leave any residue, it melts away. Its gentle on the skin too, no pulling involved. I'm truly a convert.

The Unsuspecting Formula.

I paid £18 for 200ml, and I think thats pretty darned Impressive. Highly Recommended!

Anyhoo, I went out to meet some blogger ladies today for a casual Dinner at Bar Shu. Here's the FOTD. Quite natural and boring but I'm not looking to impress so it's all okay.


Products used

-ELF powder brush for buffing
-Shiseido Dual balancing foundation 020
-Shu uemura Powder
-Hanskin Glossy Magic BB (highlight)
-Muji baby pink blush
-Shiseido face creator- bronzer to contour

-Benefit Creaseless cream/liner- Recess
-UD Mushroom
-UD Drink me, Eat me
-Cathy Cat blending brush
-ELF concealer brush
-Shiseido MM Mascara
-Shiseido MM Automatic Liner

-EOS lippbalm
-NYX lipgloss in Peach

Now, that was one heck of a post, length wise.
I've got some Hauls and swatches in the next few posts. Stay Tuned and Take Care!


FTC: The Makeup remover was bought from the counter, and not free or endorsed by Estee Lauder.

11 Golden Nuggets:

☆Anastacia☆ said...

you looks so fresh and nice and sweet!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your pretty and natural FOTD, Yinnie! =D Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I think lancome and clinique are good contenders in removing MM mascara; they both worked well when I used the MM mascara.

A Very pretty and natural look!!

Kittynail said...

You look really pretty and natural!

Anyways, visit my blog too if you want :)

Eliza said...

the estee lauder looks really good! I'm a fan of the Clarins eye make-up remover, it works like a dream!

oooh, i LOVE your blush


Carine said...

Good to know, because I have trouble finding a makeup remover that removes every bit of products ! Even when I do remove my makeup (I admit I forget it quite often), I still have residues the morning after -_-

Jamilla Camel said...

I am completely impressed by that makeup remover!!

I love Suqqu mascara too, and it does a really good job of removing Japanese mascara

It was really great to see you last night..pretty FOTD!

Old Cow said...

this looks like good stuff!!

You look ever so purdy Yin

Yin said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments!

NicNic: Ahh I'll try get some samples of Cliniqu and Lancome products. =D

Jamilla: Yeah You were talking about the suqqu one, did you manage to go to the event after all?

나니 said...

God Yinnie, do you just keep losing weight or is it the angle? O_O"

I love your FOTDs. Your face looks super flawless >_> luckyyyy~

Yin said...

Line: HAH! The power of contouring with Bronzer. =D No, I'm still the same weight and height. Nothing has changed because i enjoy my food. haha. =D Thanks though.

and again, the power of makeup with looking flawless and good photographic lighting. =D