Friday, 28 May 2010

Looting the streets of Covent Garden+ Blogger gifts!

4 exams and a number of panic attack later, here I am, no longer missing in action and ready to roll out an obscene number of posts in the next few days. All of these posts in the next week will be an accolade of what went down before I went into hiding.

But before, I begin my massive post, I'd like to direct you to a new up and coming online beauty store, based in Japan and owned by the lovely Nic Nic of Bang Bang she shoots.

To welcome her new store (a pop of kawaii) she's holding an amazing giveaway on her blog (bang bang she shoots). I know I'm entering and BUYING from her store. Give her all the love she needs to start up!

A few weeks back, I organised a casual familiar blogger meetup dinner at Bar shu, with Eve ( and Jamilla ( I decided to hit my favourite London place-Covent Garden. And lesson learned is: Never let me, of all people shop alone.

The Loot
Muji Cleansing Oil
L'occitane Handcream in Cherry Blossom
SLEEK Bohemian palette
MAC pearlglide liner in almost noir
Uniqlo sarafine leggings
(Let me know if you want any reviews on any of these products!)

The high note of this haul? Definitely the MAC liner, its a really pretty maroon brown with sparkles. (swatches available on request!)

and the Low point? l'occitane hand cream, it smells perfectly nice but i believe my nose was misleaded after being in the store for too long and hence in normal circumstances is far too florally for me. I'm still on the hunt for great budget hand cream! (but if you enjoy great floral scents, this will be on an upcoming blogsale!)

Anyhoo, Blogger meet was successful and the food at bar shu is highly recommended if you love spicy sichuan food (which i do) It perked jetlagged Eve up very much. So if you're jetlagged and want food in london, sichuan is the way to go (it's also the new chinese trend)

They were SO SO generous with their gifts. I felt very bad with my menial offerings. =)

From Eve

From Jamilla

This week will be filled with blogposts, I hope you will enjoy reading them. I'm nearly up 250 followers and again I can't express how grateful I am.

Also, I'll be releasing a blogsale which includes Shiseido, L'occitane + More in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled. =)


6 Golden Nuggets:

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Nice to see yur updates again!
Wow! a lot of nice packages!!
Congrats for your 250 followers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hun for posting it up!! Rem to do a review on muji oil cleanser! congrats on finishing your exams now you can chill :D have a great wkend!

evie said...

ooh i wanna know abt the muji oil cleaner too! XD..yay for finishing exams!!

Rachel said...

Everything looks great! Looking forward to all your blogposts! =) I just finished my exams too, relief!! =D

miss_waterlily said...

it's a shame I could not be there but yay for the exams are over, for u and for me too:-D

Only just realised what you meant by Bar Shu, well I guess I never noticed its English name, hehe. Should definitely meet there again soon xxxxx

나니 said...

I want the bohemian palette -__-"
DO A LOOK WITH IT : D and the liner! DO IIIIIIIIIIT! -demands-

I spent about 70 bucks on makeup yesterday -__-" oh well