Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Suncare. Part 1

It's been so sunny, moreso than usual and that means SUNCARE! Be it Protection, after sun care, sunburns and even tanning is high on everyone's agenda. This is why I will dedicate a two part post to suncare, with a sponsored giveaway from (Giveaway will be in the second part post!)

In my recent posts about cleansing oils, I raised questions about cancer in products that contain Parabens, cancer is high on everyone's radar and skin cancer is especially related to the Sun, be it Summer or Winter. UV rays are present everywhere. So here's my Suncare arsenal this summer.
This is just the start of my arsenal, it WILL grow at some point this summer.
Disclaimer: The products I use may not be suitable for everyone

Body Care
Summer, for me, means 'get yer' pins out', but I'm not the tanning type. (I turn a dirty kind of Yellow when I tan, it's not pretty) But I do like my legs to be shaved, and silky smooth, even if they are kind of pasty. I go through LOTS of exfoliator to make sure I don't get cuts, but sometimes, the world isn't perfect. So to minimise the risk, I find exfoliator really does help, it gets rid of that extra layer of dead skin that makes legs unsmooth to shave on (thus cuts will occur.) My current one is still the MAC volcanic ash exfoliator, and theres a big part of me that has kicked myself in the backside because I have not bought a backup and it's limited edition. In any case, I'll be trying the Soap and Glory Flake Away after the MAC one is finished. I use for both body and face, If worse come to worse and I use both up, I will be resorting to making a DIY sugar scrub at one point this summer!

Another staple in both summer and winter is the body moisturiser, I know my recent raves have been surrounding the soap and glory righteous butter, but I've been using Signature collection moisturiser in cherry blossom and it works just as well. My legs have never felt better. It's great and light for summer and the scent lasts so I don't feel the need to douse myself in perfume. I actually got this from a blog swap from Christine. Unlike the Soap and Glory, it's less heavy but it has the same scented effect, So if you like to waft through your room sweet smelling and smooth, this one of the products to look into.

So, for actual suncare for body (actually, I use it for face too) The Highest spf factor I have found and liked is the garnier high 30 spf + and Its non sticky and greasy. I actually prefer this to Nivea which i found to be to sweet smelling, almost sickly and sticky. I use the silky smooth spray for my legs and my arms and other for my face, although, it's pretty much the same formula, I just have a backup! I really enjoy using the silky smooth spray, although i find the spray angle can be a bit off, but the formula is not too thick to leave or white cast or is unspreadable! I love it! I think it's a new product in the Garnier line actually. The power of TV works on weak minded people like myself, clearly. Bring on protective sunbathing!

Suncare for Face
In addition to my normal day moisturiser which contains but a measly spf20, I also slap on Garnier Suncream spf 30 HIGH and either tinted moisturiser or BB cream set with a dusting of translucent powder. Note to self: Will do a Summer face makeup post. My only concerns are to do with the shisedio Tinted moisturiser and also the BB cream. The Tinted moisturiser lacks oil control and the BB cream seems a little too ashy on me, making me look very grey in skintone...scarily enough.

So thats part one over, In part two, I will be exploring one La Roche Posay product, a brand that is hailed to be one of the frontrunners in Suncare and also I will be having a sponsored giveaway, with a $100 giftcard up for grabs.

4 Golden Nuggets:

☆Anastacia☆ said...

wow! you have so nice sunscreens arsenal!
I like your new banner :] Pretty!

Rachel said...

Looks great! I'm like you, I don't tan just burn or go yellowy! It can be very annoying cuz you just ALWAYS look pale, or at least I do! =P

With Love, Elle said...

saw ur twit that u throw this elisha coy bb? >.< yeah bb gives a gray pale face and its a def no-no for summer!

xoxo elle

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the shiseido tinted moisturizer's SPF! I never go out alone without SPF cream under it.. unless it's a really miserable day lol.

you got a good routine going there!