Monday, 14 June 2010

Tips for Hayfever Sufferers

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Hands up, who suffers from Hayfever in June? Both Hands up.
The non curable inconvenient disease triggered by pollen, makes us looks as if we've been crying, punched in the eye and have the constant sniffles, it's frankly, unsightly. So how to deal with Hayfever, or even lessen the obvious effects of it.

1)The eyes
-The most obvious sign of hayfever, Streaming eyes and itchiness are the bane of my life. So My solutions are

a) Taking a toilet break, and wash the pollen out of your eyes with clean water! Not recommended for contact wearers (Opticians advise that one should never wash contacts with water, but saline solution

b) Eyedrops: They're usually on sale in most pharmacies, but i really like the Rohto Lycee ones, if you've got great vision, the normal one should do. But what really caught my eye about Rohto lycee was, they have also developed a version for when you are wearing contacts, so no need to take it out (and change a new pair - I use dailies). It gives eyes a minty fresh feeling and cools eyes so no itchiness.
Actually, I need to buy the contact version

2) The nose
-Hayfever, you're constantly sneezing, and you've got excess mucus. It's not pretty, not pretty at all. On top of that, you've got to deal with a raw nose, most likely cracked because you rubbed it SO much. And for me, if the hayfever is at its worse, means I can't get to sleep because No air can get through my stuffed nose.

-wash your nose out. Doesn't always work well, may choke on water and feel like when you've sunk too low in the pool, but definitely feels like you washed the pollen out.

for the stuffed nose,
-Vicks/Menthol balm: I know it's for colds and flu but it clears my nose immensely. Definitely worth the investment
-Elevated pillow when you sleep, it really allows your nose to get air.

Cracked Nose skin.
-Good quality tissues, Put down the loo roll, you're just making it worse.
I think Kleenex even do the scented ones now for the extra...uh..zing to it.
Don't mind the picture, I do realise they look like cigerettes.

-for the cracked skin, I like to put extra moisturiser around it, I'm actually using the Vitacreme b12 right now, so we'll see how that goes, but it does provide SOME relief for the soreness.

Not the illegal kind, the antihistimine kind

Can be found in piriton and it may cause drowsiness so not great for taking in the middle of the day, I actually find it quite effective, but depends on how bad your hayfever is, if you have a mild type, you probably won't see the effects so well, but if you've got bad hayfever like me, the effects can be seen. You'll still look like you've been punched in the face but you'll be sneezing less. =)

-Can be found in clarityn and is the non drowsy type, perfect for on the go. I haven't tried clarityn actually but from other sufferers.

HOT TIP; take a spoonful of local honey everyday starting from winter/spring so your immune system is resistant to the pollen. Apparently it works, but then again, everyone is allergic to different types of pollen, I have a little hayfever in april when the flowers bloom, and again June, when I get the full force. I've tried it last year and it worked, but I was lazy this year.

Let me know how YOU deal with Hayfever, leave your comments below if you have any hot tips!

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Anna said...


My nose has recently become kinda dry because of constantly having to use tissues ahah... <_<

I'll probs check out the lychee eyedrops! Ty (:

I just take clarityn tablets, it def takes the stuffyness away from my nose > <

Anonymous said...

I do the honey, if you start early and keep it up its worth it. But on extra rough days I've found that for me the superdrup brand of non-drowsy hayfever tablet works the best, suprisingly way better than benadryl and puritin =)

Yin said...

So everyone is for the drugs! LOL

I try to stay away from drugs, don't want to rely on it. =)

Do you use any honey or just local honey, Nade2008?

Anonymous said...

Try nettle tea. It works for me!

Anonymous said...

Local honey! :) oh also dandelion tea is something ive been trying and i havent been reacting as much. Neals Yard sell a big bag for less than £1! Staying away from the drugs is a definite gooden!

Anonymous said...

nice tips! I dont have hayfever but my sister does... she just loves her antihestimines! lol

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Yay! Thats a lot of tips!!

Senita said...

haha *putting down the loo roll...* I really like putting mentholatum under my and on my nose! It works really well on dry patches.

Madam Miaow said...

Honey — an excellent post, Yinnie. Thanks.

Jian said...

I heard about the local honey thing but I cant be bothered. Getting local honey basically requires me to go to some farmer's market or something.

I bought my bf some loratidine. It's fine to buy the generic branded drug. You can get a week's supply for less than a pound or something. It really makes no difference whether it's branded or not since it's the same thing!

If you have hayfever that's bad enough to cause you to have to take antihistamines everyday I think it's worth going to get it on prescription from the GP. You can push them to prescribe you 60 tablets (like me. If you don't ask they only give you a month's worth or something, especiallly if it's like fenofexadine which is more expensive than the dirt cheap ones like loratadine and cetirizine). So essentially you pay £7.10 for 2 months worth. Not bad!