Thursday, 26 August 2010

Love from the Land of the Rising sun!

This post is long overdue, and I am immensely guilty for it being so. Anyways, a few weeks back i was lamenting all over twitter about moisturisers and emulsions, since my Shiseido night cream had run out. I needed to find a replacement quick, preferably a non spf moisturiser for night.

In comes Batman Kay from Formerly Bihada Diaries from Japan. I had actually read on a number of sites that shiseido aqualabel was now getting alot more attention in the asian press, in fact, I wondered why it wasn't sooner to be honest. I had originally scoped out the brand when I travelled to Hong Kong last year.

The main line I wanted to try was the Aqualabel moist line, the ones in the clear pink packaging. Very very sleek.

When Kay emailed me, there's actually even more variety aqualabel offers, moisturisers comes in sets of 3, separating the less moist, regular, and uh...super moist. So if you had oily skin but still wanted to keep your skin well hydrated, the less moist would be for you, and if you had dry skin, you'd go for the super moist one. I'm a combination, so I just opted for Regular

Kay also kindly included a sample pack of the other products they did. Thanks alot!

In addition, she also kindly made it into a PINK parcel. =D Including some japanese pink kit-kat. Unfortunately, I ate it and couldnt remember what flavour it was!

thanks again to kay! i hope to see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment earlier.. I was about to post the exact thing to you (the sample kit) phew I saw this before I went to the post office :P

I sent you something else as a safe bet lol.

Kay is very sweet!