Monday, 2 August 2010

Updates & Hauls

It's been approximately one month since I've blogged about beauty products. I don't think my blog lives up to the name of Makeup and Skincare Junkie. Yeah, Major Fail. So here I am trying to get back into it. To be honest, I haven't exactly been motivated to write about beauty products, the past month has been super hectic for me and also super new.

So, What did I get up to?

If you've been following my tweets, I've been on trains ALOT. (also you might have read it in my last blogpost) Basically, I got offered a work experience/intern placement for one month at the BBC, for BBC factual (making documentary type programmes!) Most of the time, I'm pretty tired. I get up at 7/half 7, out the door by 8, 1 train 2 tubes get to work, until 6pm and 2 tubes and train home. I'm home at 8pm most days. Some days (Okay 2 days out of 20 days) I even had to wake up at 5am for shoots in London! It was so exciting to actually get up for work that was cool! Thus having no energy to blog. I really loved the job though, I got to meet so many cool people and I am REALLY sad it ended, which is why I haven't used this weekend to blog. (LOL you must be thinking that I must have been this awestruck woman walking around the BBC, and sadly, I'd like to report, it's completely true.)

Apart from the trains and the work, another reason I love work is beauty related, waking up early and getting enough beauty sleep TOTALLY pays off. Is it sad I love work for that reason. Okay, I may have not much of social life outside work and my weekends may be spent sleeping and relaxing in the bath, But my skin looks radiant. I have less spots than ever and super hydrated skin (it's not dry anymore, it's a miracle!) I think I enjoy the boring life. =)

I only have concealer, mascara and blush on.

I still don't have any motivation to be honest, but I'm thinking, if I keep writing, it'll all flow back into my fingertips. Fingers crossed(although if they were crossed, I wouldn't be typing to efficiently! haha)

Yet, in the midst of my semi hiatus, I did manage 2 mini blogger meets and some a-mighty hauling (which I still blame my workplace for, since it was 2 minutes from Westfield. Yeah, and it wasn't me, my credit card just flew out of my hand,I swear!)

Anyways, I met up with Nic Nic, Liz, and Eve in Mid July and it was super fun! I actually met up with Eve again last week because I ordered custom made cupcakes from her for my last day at work. (if you're in West London, She makes awesome cakes for all sorts of occasions-Her website)

Anyways, Here's some Hauls
Avene Toner, Lush Bubble Bar, Olay Beauty fluid

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, It's a raved product in the blogging world.

RAVE RAVE RAVE!! My NEW HG spot gel: Neutrogena. It WORKS and it's cheap.

Inglot Blotting sheets. £5 for about 100+ sheets. bargain.

Anyways, I'll end it here, I have a few reviews coming up, hauls, and parcels to show off in the next few weeks. So Keep tuned.


9 Golden Nuggets:

Eve said...

thanks for mentioned my website. and you're back to blog. (me? not yet...) should meet up soon hehe

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Nice haul! exciting lush stuff!

~Lisa said...

Beauty sleep FTW!
Unfortunately, I don't get enough of it >_<
But glad that you have and that you're skin is getting so much better!!

Anonymous said...

YAY your`re back :D I kinda regret not trying Lush Angels on bare skin!! Ahh well always next time lol. hopefully catch you again when Im next bk in uk XD

Carine said...

Such a great opportunity :o How did you get this placement ^-^ ?

ko0ty said...

Nice haul babe. Wow I haven't seen Inglot stuff in a longg time.. they had a store opened at a local mall but closed after a couple months.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Your skin looks so glowy :) Sweet haul.

Madam Miaow said...

So you're saying sleep made the difference? Were you drinking lots of (non-alcohol!) fluids as well?

About a year or so ago I was really ill with flu and sleeping almost round the clock. Plus I had a raging thirst. After about three days of this I started to liven up. I got up one morning and looked in the mirror and I swear it really did look about ten years younger!!! I wish I'd taken a pic.

Of course, a week or so it was back to normal. But it just goes to show ...

나니 said...

*woops ass*
^ That was for not blogging for so freaking long!

*spanks ass*
^ That's for never being online!

*spanks again*
^ and that.. was just for the sex of it ; D

Anyway! Good to see you back! I don't have very good experience with Neutrogena products.. In general cleansing-stuff just hates me. Especially Loréal and Neutrogena products. Anyways, blog some more, woman!! DO LOOKS! : D I love your FOTDs. Make it happen! *snaps fingers* I miss you on here!

Some more of your stuff arrived btw! : D I'm so excited about your package! It'll be BIG and STUFFED to the max! <33