Sunday, 19 September 2010

Bang bang she a gift!

Sorry Nic nic, the title of this post is LAAAAME. I'm sorry. My brain is NOT working.

So I received a parcel last week (I'm so late with blogging!) from Nic nic (Big thanks, will send something back after I pay rent!)

She sent me some canmake goodies- I've been hankering for these since this spring! and some masks and some sweeties (my brother gobbled them up already!)

Thanks Nic nic!

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Sheila said...

I am immensely jealous of your meetup with everyone + Jess and Kay. I wanna move to London =/

So please post up the pictures for me to drool over.

And omg, I've always wanted Rose Macaron. I got strawberry milk and milk latte or whatever its call and they both look deathly on me, but apparently this one is REALLY natural looking nude.

Sorry if I sound incoherent. I am too excited, lol.

Anastacia said...

awe! so sweet!!

The Girlie Blog said...

awwwwthats so nice of her! can't wait to hear about them.

Yin said...

Hi Sheila! OOh, if you ever do come back to london, give me a shout. =) The post will be up this week! I think Jess's facebook has a few. =D I'll definately post a Lip swatch! (also I think my aunt is heading to hk soon, might pick up a few canmake goodies, so watch your mailbox!)

Thanks Anastacia & the girlie blog for reading x

나니 said...

I sooo wanna try some Asian makeup brands; like Lieole, Canmake, Missha, Kate (esp. the Diamond Cut Eyes quads), Koji, Laura Mercier etc. Ahhh.. *waves arms* It's frustrating to not get a paycheck until the end of next month : ( Your package will ship out around November.. Sorry it's taking me so long.. I just got a job now (as you may know) and my first paycheck isn't until Nov 1st.

Jess said...

Aww, Nic Nic is such a sweetheart! Enjoy your goodies! ;)

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

What a lovely package. I love Canmake too!!! I'm totally digging their Nudy Glow lip glosses now.

MissJayce said...

awww! sweet post! i love the canmake lipglosses! please do a swatch! <3

Anonymous said...

Sorry for commenting so late! I'm still in the process of catching up with the blogroll lol.

I hope you liked the lip gloss.. Actually I don't actually own one.. Let me know if it works XD lol

Enjoy!! <33

hiven said...


Anonymous said...

I swatched rose macaroon a few days ago, it is so lovely I'm really tempted to get it. Also I find the canmake glosses are surprisingly non-sticky, what do you think?

Yin said...

Elizabeth: i know what you mean, I do find that MAC is even much stickier. =/

NicNic: You should get some, its quite pigmented to be worn on its own too. =)

Swatches coming up in the next week hopefully. =)