Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Illamasqua A/W 2010, Art of Darkness.

Coinciding with their new flagship store, Illamasqua kindly invited me to not only have a preview of their AW collection lasy Saturday, but also a preview of their new store, which officially opened on Monday 13th (yesterday!). I also got to meet alot of bloggers at the event!

The store is located on Beak street, facing right into London's trendy carnaby street, which on that certain saturday had sounds of live indie music being sung in the streets. I was feeling waaay out of my depth. haha. I'm so not an indie girl by heart.

So we were met at the doors to some of the Illamasqua team, the creative director-Alex Box and the PR team. Also Brian (?) the makeup artist that Alex box works with. In the hour and half we were allowed into the store, I managed to grill a few of them (all good heartedly!) about the shop and the collection. Also at the doors, we were greeted with a homemade punch! YAY!

Their autumn winter collection is described as an invitation to enter a world where seeing is believing and believing is dangerous.

A place in which the lines between the real and the mythical, the past and the future, the living and the dead are never clear. A twisted world where anything can happen.

Deep in an enchanted forest, the scene is set for a sumptous feast. The chosen have arrived. Lured by the promise of immortality, a host of fantastical beings try their hand at creating the ever elusive elixir of life. Where this night will end, no one knows.
(Hang on, if all of these characters are mythical, they can't die mortally, so why would they need the Elixir of Life?) (Also a little bit of cultural knowledge, in the Western world, it's believed that alchemist Nicholas Flamel was the first to claim that he wanted to make an elixir of life! -I'm so lame, I know!)

As Illamasqua says, it's a selection of jewel-like shades for eyes, lips, nails and body, with lavish tones intense as opulent. And with that in mind, we were encouraged to take a good looks at the products available, to 'dip your fingers in every pie' and Alex Box said. And true to their word, and to its reputation, it was pigmented, smooth and creamy. The collection was dark yet metallic, giving it a 3D feel. My favourite is the liquid metal, because it was very very buildable, especially the red rusty shade, resolute. One layer was a rusty red brown, two layers a more reddish colour and could be applied all over the face. The liquid liner in alchemy was also one of the star products, a glittery gold liner, to indulge the inner diva. Yet I only really had one concern about the collection, only one lipgloss and lipstick! Veerry Limited. And the lipstick was a shocking NAVY BLUE colour. Very intriguing but you'd only get away with it for high fashion shots/halloween, so price wise, it wouldn't be a good investment if you weren't a properly paid makeup artist. But I can see why fans of illamasqua include the vivacious and dramatic Vivienne Westwood!

Looking at the displays, possible creations from the posters set around the store and on the AW leaflets, it shows an array of characters, both male and female alike, which definitely makes an impression- not a lot of makeup stores include male models for makeup, or offer it too. I think that is definitely why it appeals to so many, it's selling for stage performers, and high couture. That's my perception as to why it's so popular on one hand (not factoring in the obvious advertising towards beauty bloggers.)

In store, the team also take us around the store explaining each display as we entered the store, and the one that captured my eye was the feast on display, probably the mood board of the whole collection. The feast of fruits, from plums to apricots, purple and reddish orange, dramatic autumnal colours. I'm impressed at how they tied it all together, a collection that reflects medieval, arabian nights-esque concept as well as mythical creatures. (This clearly appeals to the geek in me, especially now that my dissertation module is to do with Medieval monsters in manuscripts!)


However, the highlight of the day was meeting Alex Box in person, the creative director of Illamasqua and makeup artist extraordinaire. When listening to the presentation, you could tell that she has put so much effort into this collection, as all of the models in the posters were her design and also she was incredibly dedicated to the brand. Especially now that it has it's own store, and the brand store, unlike the counter, is not an ordinary 'store' store, in fact, it's more like an event store, as a function room for parties (hens etc) galore. Introducing the fun aspect to it, I guess. I really do love this concept. In addition, when nitpicking the team that was present there at the day, in the next month, they will also be introducing a makeup school, specifically held there, from short tutorial sessions to a full week course. (Prices start from £50) Which again shows that their flagship store has a threeway concept, store, function room and school.

For more infomation: Click Here

20 Beak street
London W1F 9RE.

I'd like to thank the Illamasqua team who invited me to the event and for the drinks and the goodie bags! Also for international readers, the AW collection is also available online at

Here's some more pictures from the day!
Shattered Mirror displays around the store!

Alex Box at work!

The finished models

Where the cool kids go.

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Anonymous said...

You're sooo lucky to attend this event! Looked really cool and fun!!

Mary in Wonder said...

Holy shit! Lucky b****!!!!!! *super envious*

What were the goodies you got? I want Illamasqua here too! But I wonder....just where would I go wearing such makeup?!?! Definitely not to work....tho I'd love to.... >.<

Yin said...

ahh Illamasqua ship worldwide from their online shop. ;) so that will have to do for now. =)

I'm still in awe too! i got a liquid metal in resolute and also a liquid liner in black (which is my staple liquid liner now. =))

Mary in Wonder said...

I know and it's awesome! I'm just too stingy to spend on the shipping fee. I haven't checked Illamasqua's fee but at such stores it's starting around 25-30 bucks. For that money I'd buy one or two items.
Whatever, I'll be forever dissatisfied. If they were to open a store here they would increase their prices with 30-50% like other brands do and then that is why I wouldn't buy from them XDDDDD