Sunday, 10 October 2010

Speedy Sundays

Yes, Another episode of Speedy Sundays. So What is up and what is down? (My personal preferences anyways)


1) Blogger Meets (I always enjoy meeting bloggers, and I got the chance to meet some more amazing ones. Jess from Ohh...Pretty, Kay from Cosmeddicted (Formerly Bihada Diaries)! As well as seeing old faces: Jamilla & Eve)
Blogger girls

2) Autumn/Winter Clothing: Scarfs, Layers, Uniqlo Heattech, and most importantly boots. I bought a new pair of brown boots. Aren't they Beautiful?
brown boots

3) Xfactor: Minus Cher lloyd and katie whatsherface. Nuff' said

1) The Weather: As much as I love Autumn/Winter Clothing: Living in a house with single glazing and lack of heating is not ideal. also, Hellooo, patchy dry skin caused by winds.

Talking about Blogger meets, the wonderful Jess of Ohh...pretty sent me a care package. I really didn't expect it. Thanks Jess!


9 Golden Nuggets:

Old Cow said...

Love your updates

나니 said...

Aww so sweet! : D I like Cher Lloyd.. She makes funny faces though. lol

Ohhh my! I love care-packages! *pokes Yinnie with stick* I'm excited to receive my swap! : D WOO!

Jess said...

Yay... it was such a pleasure to meet you guys! I just wished, we had a bit more time to spend together that day! :)

Hope, you enjoy all the goodies!

The Girlie Blog said...

Nice boots!

MyMakeUpMania said...

aweee! that is so awesome to meet beauty bloggers!! seems like very great Sunday

Silkybow said...

blogger meets seems to always be so fun!

priincess said...


Anonymous said...

The meet up looked fun! Jess is so sweet :D

I'm back during Xmas, let's meet again XD

Love the boots too ~~

MissJayce said...

blogger meet ups always looks so fun!!