Wednesday, 27 October 2010

[STYLE] Faux Fur Shrug, 6 ways.

So, I'll be truthful here. I'm a really boring person when it comes to clothes, my wardrobe consists of a medley of black, grey, navy, nude, cream, whites. I wake up in the morning and I like my good ol' leggings, boots and warm sweaters/hoodies. I live in monotone.

What I'm not is-a big colourful person (Language does not count!) or one of those women that have a lot of prints in their wardrobe. I've always found animal print to be quite garish, and y'know, Kat Slater 'ello sweetheart, you look gawjus' type of look. I just don't get it. Yet, Faux fur seems to be high fashion nowadays, in the form of dead squirrel tails as bag charms, wolf hats. I can see why, the weather is SUP-AH chilly.

So, from high couture, what do we learn? Faux Fur Shrugs are in. They're everywhere, in the form of scarfs, gilets, boot linings, perhaps we'll even see it in mother of the bride hats!
My take on it, will try to make it less garish. Hopefully!

However, my mother is fashionista extraordinaire, she's the one that approves/disapproves of my outifts, with constructive comments. (I'm pretty sure ALL Mum's do that!) She'll find things she likes me to wear. (Yes, I know, I'm 21 next year and she still does it!) She managed to find a faux fur shrug last autumn and I've only worn it once. So what do I do about it? I blog.

I actually did more than 6 looks, but my housemate and I meticulously cut a few out because we didn't like one feature of it. These cut ones will be found on my twitter in the next few days, if you're still interested. (

Jazz up an LBD.

Comfort Chic

Rock it up.

Slut it up

Day at the Ascot

Casual Summery

What do you think? Any ideas for Faux fur this A/W Season?

12 Golden Nuggets:

FashionableAsians said...

I like small amounts of faux fur, so thr shrug is perfect! I have a capelet and I even find that to be too much fur

The Girlie Blog said...

I like them all!

Blair said...

LOL colourful language is the way to go!!

Faux fur on boots are adorable!! If only we have winter over here *sighs*

Day at the Ascot is my fave amongst all the looks shown here. Am looking forward to the other looks! Have you posted them on twitter yet?

Yin said...

Fashionableasians: it's always hard. I want to incorporate it in casual gear, but it risks looking TOO MUCH.

Blair: I actually went out in day at the ascot without the shrug. =) it was my fave too! The rest of the looks on my twitter profile.


K said...

Ooooh pwitty!!! I can't pull off wearing shrugs, so I'm envious!

Anonymous said...

i think I need to get myself a gilt or fauz shrug like yours soon! looking fabulous 6 ways :)

Anonymous said...

oops i dont know where "gilt" come from lol, i mean a faux fur vest! said... the 4the goes go right with that top and the white skirt..injects the right amount of sophistication yet making it young and modern and chic,,

Anonymous said...

I like comfort chic & day at the ascot ! Very nice. HAHAHA. Your mum sounds like mine X-D Haha.. they mean well.

As for faux fur, I'm indifferent to it. I don't think I'll rush out for something like this because it's a very seasonal trend. I think I'd prefer to spend money on something more lasting ! But then again, I'm not hugely into fashion either !

MyMakeUpMania said...

u have absolutely perfect body shape! i love all the outfits on u!

♥NaNa♥ said...

What a lovely look you put together with faux jacket!! My favorite one is Day at the Ascot. I wish I can wear faux jacket here. It's still hot to wear it.

Love Nana

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