Monday, 15 November 2010

Cor'Blimey it's Chilly!

As I sit in my room typing away, I'm slowly freezing in the bed. Probably my fault because I should probably get better pyjamas...and switch on the heating!

I love layering up in the winter, but what I love most is just curling up in my bed and doing nothing all day because the temperature outside the duvet is just TOO painful. But alas, that is not so, and we have to go about doing out daily business. (although my life as a history student is probably not the hardest around..FINE, I'm just INCREDIBLY lazy during winters) The massive disadvantage of getting out of bed and in my case, walking to uni means that my skin is exposed to the bite of the winter air. That's another thing I forget every year, the winter wind bites my arse! Thankfully, I'm not that useless so here's what my winter wonderset of skincare!

1. Nivea Refreshingly Soft Body moisturiser: Yeah, I still have my Soap and Glory one, but I love the texture of this one, it's not so rich but really hydrates the skin! It's super cheap too!
2. Shiseido The Skincare Day moisturiser: This is actually the 4th bottle I'm going through. My HG and it contains spf 15 which is good, but even in the winter, I'm so much of a sunscreen freak, I put higher spf on top too. The only disadvantage is that it goes on a little greasy but it sinks in pretty quick!
3. Shiseido the Skincare Moisture Relaxing mask: For those of you that love the laneige sleeping pack ex and cannot get access to it, this is a really good alternative. I bought this ages ago and I'm still only half way through, a little goes a looong way. It's great for those days when you have flaky cheeks and you just want to have supple skin again.
4: Paul and Joe Lip treatment: I reviewed this a year ago and I found it again and I've fallen in love with it again. It's in a stick and it's easy to carry around. But I'm pretty sure chapstick does the same thing, so really I'm just trying to use up this lipbalm. (as much as i love vaseline, my lips stay chapped, this baby has kept them hydrated for days. )
5. Olay Beauty fluid, this has become a massive favourite of mine. It's cheap, it's effective and it's easy to buy. Strangely enough, this product was recommended me by my father. (Yes, even men use skincare!) and It's my current go-to moisturiser for anything. Some people might actually find it too greasy, but for this sorta climate, it works!
6.Vaseline hand cream: winter=chapped everything and especially hands. Constant exposure leaves hands horrible, so I usually keep this in my bag. It does not compare to the Bliss spa one though, now that is GENIUS product. (but I'm so not willing to fork out £18 for hand cream!)
7. Shiseido the skincare eye moisture: My HG Eye cream, it makes my eyes less puffy. I use this twice a day and I'm really seeing the difference! Talking about eye bags, have anyone seen the BeautyQQ Jelly eye masks? I'm SO SO SO tempted to try it out. and also her seasalt green tea body scrub?

Also I'd like to apologise for the absence and also I'd like to give a massive thanks to my readers because I got an email this morning telling me I had made the Wikio top UK beauty blogs for November, I'm No.51. I am SOO grateful for your readership and I never thought my little blog was that good, besides it's like a side project for me. I've got loads of posts coming up in the next few weeks, product reviews, EOTDs AND a giveaway! So please keep supporting me.

Check me out! Super Super Happy! Sorry it's a bit Blurry.
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Jennifer said...

WOW Yinnie congrats on the #51!! PLease keep your reviews, EOTD, OOTD and what-nots coming!!!

hehe the egg tart at that retro starbucks sucked...any $3 dollar ones in some random bakery are better than them XD

I wish i would be in the UK soon!! am now 3 weeks away from graduation. How's you??? Are you still studying or working already (BBC)?

Jennifer said...

please feel free to join my giveaway too ^_^

p.s. do you have MSN Messenger?

나니 said...

Oh I have that exact hand cream by Vaseline.. Or I had - I think I threw it out. O_O' lol.

And YUSH! Actually that's what it's been called a lot lately. NAKED dupe. Haha! I doubt it's as awesome, but it's only like.. 1/7th of the price, so I'll live : P

Jennifer said...

hi yin! i'll actually be around in HK when you're back i guess XD so we're graduating soon hurray!! what kind of job would you like to work in? :D (Besides the BBC one)

Anonymous said...

congrats on making in the top 100 blog list ^_^

i am on the look out for another eye cream... be sure to look for the shiseido one!

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

Congrads on being one of the top UK beauty bloggers on Wiki!

I'm also hibernating in my apt as we speak. It's not brutally cold yet (that's Jan & Feb) in Japan but it's sooooo good to snuggle down with blogs and movies on a chilly weekend...