Thursday, 18 November 2010

The 'Fiercest' of Nails, Illamasqua.

Nail Quills, Nail Quills, Nail Quills...
the only words that resonate in my brain right now are: 'what the hell are they?-are they weapons?' (Actually I have a number of things going on in me head, such things like fallen angels, hundred years war, and monstrous demons, all sorts of fierce images.)

I just received press email from Illamasqua about this, and it is described by the cult brand to be Luxury, Handmade Bespoke Nail Quills, which are devised with Illamasqua's avant-garde, cutting-edge credentials in mind.

It's created by designer, Mike Pocock. (He's worked on a number of famous mags including W, Harpers Bazaar, English and Italian Vogue)

Each set consists of two nail quills, designed to be worn on both thumbs. (as a killing instrument?) and the cost is £35. If you're into fierce quirky alternative nails, this may be your thaang.

What do you think? Would you wear Nail quills?
I'd actually be REALLY tempted to try to dip in ink and try write with it. But I'm sure that'll put pressure on your nails and it WILL hurt.

5 Golden Nuggets:

Old Cow said...

yes i bloody would though i would probably get arrested

MissJayce said...

thats crazyyyyyyy =P it will hurt if i need to itch my eye LOL

Dana Yoshimizu said...

THose seem a little too over the top for me. I could never imagine wearing those O_O

C. said...

"avant-garde" ? It just looks bloody dangerous to me ^-^

Anonymous said...

lol wow they look kinda scary!! tad expensive too.. 35?! id get a real quill :P