Friday, 17 December 2010

[HOW TO] make do with 3 products.

Three UNCONVENTIONAL products.

This blogpost actually begins with a rather hilarious story, which no doubt the perfectionists in the world will be shocked by, I got up so late yesterday for my tutorial lesson that I had to run out the house in ten minutes and CAB it up to campus. without cleansing or moisturising.

Not only that, my bag was filled with books, I only had 3 products in total with me. Rohto drops, vaseline and lipstick. After class, I was going for lunch with a friend, so WHAT TO DO? Can't turn up looking super tired. Lightning moment, and I decided to make do (in that very british way of saying it)

This how to guide IS jazzed up a little, especially with the red lippy-cuz it's christmas. (I had peach on the day) and also I moisturised today so I just look a little greasy, but we're going to carry on, british style....

NB: This guide is only to be used in extreme circumstances, like I was in.

Assume this is my uncleansed, unmoisturised face. (not hard, I know)

Step one: Apply vaseline to dry areas, I was walking around campus against harsh wind so this was where I had dry patches (I'm not drawing a smily face, honest!) I also dotted a bit on my eyelids but if you have greasy lids, skip this.

Step 2: Then, 2 dots of lipstick on apples of cheek, and then put on lippy. You're instantly fresh faced. =) It's not the most wonderful tutorial out there, but It'll have to do.

and if you're really vain, you'd nick a spoon from the cafe and try to curl it...LOL. I didn't...

Anyways, Hows are everyones festivities going?

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Jennifer said...

ahahahaha this is so funny and creative Yinnie!!! this must have saved your day LOL :)

i'd be away for a week and hence would love to say "Happy Holidays!" to you in advance <3!

Indigo said...

wow thats such a good idea for festival make up!

G A B Y said...

Ahahah that made me laugh! Thanks for sharing, it brightened my day (=

priincess emily said...

What great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous n red! definitely festive and brightens the face nicely!

Yin said...

Indigo: Yes It is festival makeup! Though, i'm not a glasto type of girl, me! LOL

I'm so glad that this post made you smile. Thanks for the comments and Merry Christmas!

la mì said...

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Isn't it amazing what Vaseline can do? :D Your red lips are amazing, btw! I love the color!