Saturday, 18 December 2010

Joyce's Christmas Mail Miracle

Sorry about the really bad pun.
Christmas Male Miracle (Jesus)= Christmas MAIL miracle.

Those of you living in England, just look outside your windows, y'know what I mean. Full on ma-ha-asiive SNOWSTORM. I woke up to a long awaited swap-parcel from Joyce. ( I'm both baffled and amazed that Royal Mail managed to brave the snowstorm when they usually don't brave it. So I would offer like to offer my thanks to firstly Joyce, for the contents of the parcel. And secondly to the wonderful postman for delivering it in time for Xmas!

Anyhoo, back in October, Joyce had contacted me to be her first international swap. And we both have really busy schedules so it took us both ages to send them off. and then there was snow blah blah blah. Let's skip formalities because I'm SO HAPPY AND EXCITED TO PLAY AND SHOW OFF WHAT SHE GOT ME. :D

Everything was wrapped up with a post it note in the shape of the heart. It is SO cute and must have taken her ages.


Okay everything unwrapped
-A NARS hopelessly devoted gift box (I feel so bad for sending you majority drugstore things! Will definately have to make it up when I next send a parcel in 2011)
-Annabelle palette
-Mary Kay Lipcolour samples-Like Annabelle, I REALLY wanted to try canadian cosmetics because you know they have a good rep. look at MAC. =D
-Sephora Lipglosses
-Tara tarantino Primer- Both the lipglosses and this was from sephora and it's like she read my mind, I wish sephora did not pull out of UK. See, I used to shop there before it closed down!
-Velcro fringe
-Bookmark; minnie mouse bookmark. I LOVE LOVE LOVE books and DISNEY! (Lol I'm such a geek!)

Here's a close up of the Nars giftset
-Laguna/Deepthroat blush/bronzer
-Orgasm Lipgloss
-Crespuscule Lipgloss

If you are snowed in or have time this christmas. Please check out Joyce's blog! It's totally all done up princessy with reviews, and a lot of her nail technician work (e.g gels and acrylics). So if you live in Toronto, Ontario, and you need your nails done asian bling style, and she's free. Go GO Go!

7 Golden Nuggets:

Old Cow said...

wow. what fabulous gifts.

miss_waterlily said...

wow so sweet! When was Sephora in the UK until? I've been here for 8 years without Sephora*cries* I know exactly what you mean though, I constantly ask my US friends to CP Sephora for me:-D

MissJayce said...

Yinnie you have no idea how bad I feel cus I just did a lil research and I think your package for me like doubled our target amount!! =( by the way, check your email cus I'm trying to gather some items for your next parcel. so check your email in about 30 mins =D

Yin said...

@miss_waterlily. Yeah I think there was one in bluewater like YEARS ago. i used to get EVERYONE's present there. So sad when it shut down but it was probably wise, you can't compete with boots AND superdrug AND bodyshop...

thanks for all the comments.

The Girlie Blog said...

Snow storm - no good :O( Love the cheekies though!

Anonymous said...

aww Joyce is so nice! I also ordered myself some NARS over the internet... should be by the time I arrive XD lol it must be freezing over there, wrap up :)

Linda said...

Awesome gifts!! Love NARS!