Friday, 7 January 2011

New Hair's Resolution!

(also I know this blog is a little neglected, I'm sorry! Been so busy over holidays!)
(In addition, sorry about the half rhyme in the title. Couldn't help myself.)

Happy Belated Christmas & New Year, My dear Readers!

So New Year means New Things and a New way of thought in life. Even if you spent the NYE-NY in a pretty shitty mood. Give it two days and you suddenly feel refreshed.

So Do something dramatic once in a while, says many a magazine when citing New Years Resolution and I did.
-To not chicken out of getting a bob cut.
So I didn't, and got my hair hacked off at a Japanese Salon. Some 10 inches of it.

From Long with dry ends...

To Short Glossy Bob

Any New Hair Resolutions in 2011? Was it a Bad decision to hack off all my hair? Do I look like a 5 year old, like my brothers have been saying? Let me know! =)

10 Golden Nuggets:

Old Cow said...

5 year old? ummmm NO!!!!

I love your hair and think it was a great idea of yours It's not too short and it frames your face nicely.

나니 said...

DAMN you look amazing girl! : D Your haircut certainly makes you look very mature - in a non-old way xD haha! Love it! I think you did a similar thing about 1-2 years ago, no? It looks so good on you!

HAPPY NEW YEARS SWEETY-PIE! ; D (yay for lame pet names, lol)
Thankyouuu! Sadly THAT plunge also caused me to order three other full length limited edition albums -__-" dammiiit! But I have no regrets. I miss getting jrock in the mail : D it reminds me of old times!

Aw yay! : D Mattered? Really? O_O Didn't know that. I guess it's the wool under the 'actual' fur that makes it look mat. At least that's my experience from our dogs. They can be ALL shiny when dry and then if they walk out the rain the fur goes mat.

Imo said...

I LOVE your new hair! you look so hot, definitely the right decision =D

miss_waterlily said...

I had a bob cut last year and haven't been able to grow it long since! I think it's just so much easier having shorter hair. I wish I was there for the meet-up today the new hair definitely suits you:-D

Anonymous said...

love yur new length... i think it's rater sophisticated! was shocked to see the comment coming from your dad on FB.. totally disagree!!! anyway looking fabulous!

Anonymous said...

wowww very pretty! i cut my long hair (even though it was not as long as you) into a bob too =)

Blair said...

Yinnie, you look great with your new haircut!! And nope, you don't look like a 5 year old at all, ignore your brothers ;D

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look fresh faced w/the new hair! I absolutely love it!

KateSouth said...

I think the cut looks great - very chic! Boys don't know what they are talking about when it comes to hair/beauty/fashion, especially brothers :)

With Love, Elle said...

wow great on ya! i dint dare cut my hair too, coz afraid it takes a decade to get it long again hehe

xoxo elle