Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Guilty. I don't know what it is, but guilt plays a large role in my life. Guilt because I don't think I should be blogging when I have a final year degree to be working on. Guilty for not blogging Guilty because I'm spending too much dough. Guilty of being abrupt, in both written and social life. And lastly guilty of indulgence, of decadence.

My indulgence is my skincare and also solitude. I'm a massive fan of eating alone. I love to watch the world go by!

[Here's where I should insert a scenic picture, but I'm too lazy to take one just yet. watch this space though.]

Let me introduce my new skincare storage. State of the art Ikea cabinets in a newly revamped bathroom at home. and yes, that is ALL mine. (which my brothers do sometimes nick to use, but sharing is caring!) If you're going to blame anyone for this, blame me lovely mother. She's the on who told me to indulge my skin and she is my role model.

My first love will always be skincare

A sneakpeek at my daily/weekly skindulgences

Shiseido Eye/lip makeup remover
Muji cleansing oil
Shiseido the skincare cleansing gel
Philosophy purity cleanser

Moisturiser (I tend to skip toner during the colder months)
Olay Beauty fluid
B.liv submerge me moisture essence
Shiseido the skincare day cream spf15

Spot/blackheads treatment
Neutrogena visibly clear gel
Biore Nose strips (fortnightly)
B.liv blackhead serum

Shiseido purifying mask
Shiseido moisture relax mask
Laneige sleeping pack ex mask
Shiseido eye moisture cream
random masks!

Let me know what reviews you'd like?

Also, healthy food is a skindulgence. Call me pretentious, I ADORE steamed foods. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd eat steamed food everyday (which I do, at home but not at uni)
Steamed rice, Steamed egg, Steamed broccoli + Grilled Steak.

What are your indulgences + skindulgences?

5 Golden Nuggets:

나니 said...

PURITY CLEANSER <3 Where do u buy yours? I went to the local drugstore (they carry all brands; high-end as well) here and they were like "Philosophy? Whut?" So I went back out dreading the shopping bill I'll be printing out for my Philosophy orders from now on >_<" *pulls arm of friend in San Diego*

Yin said...

I actually received my purity cleanser in a swap. But I KNOW they do them in selfridges here, but with like stupidly extortionate prices (or either that or they only sell the larger ones?)

Jennifer said...

To Nani & Yin about the philosophy cleanser: you can get it on i think? they've a value set and free shipping...!

Yin: i totally love steamed food, the pic of yours reminded me of the meals i used to cook in Denmark, lol. And My housemate, a British guy, used the tool which is for 'steaming' to steam his broccoli, i'm amazed XD

Jennifer said...

p.s. your skincare collection looks good :D but one can never have to much skincare! (did your mom tell you this lol?)

btw are you heading to HK anytime soon? Hit me up if you do :) would love to take you for sushi or something!

Jian said...

I'm loving the purity cleanser too! I The teeny bottle is really cute!!! And I can imagine it's PERFECT for travelling! The full sized one is huge and really heavy LOL. I tend to use it with my clarisonic, and use clarins gentle foaming cealsner with shea butter when I don't! =)

It's very organised of you to be having everything so neat like that. My toiletries are EVERYWHERE. Some are on my sink, some are under, and some are scattered on my chests of drawers...

My favourite toner at the moment is the SK-II facial clear lotion! I really love how it cleans the rest of the crap off my face and how it makes my skin less oily!

I love steamed egg!!!!! Best ever is with prawns and shiitake mushrooms inside. <3 Mmm! Craving! =D