Monday, 21 March 2011

I spy with my un-primed eyes...

(credits to Urban decay FACEBOOK)

So I was browsing through UD's fb page earlier and this is what hit me...

After much pressure from UD users near and far, they've finally decided to make it a tube form.
From what I gather on the FB page, it's limited edition (pesky bastards....I hate people getting hurt under my wrath....) and it's only available to Sephora (double pesky bastards...).

Although no release date shown, like the rest of the blogging world, I'd definitely keep my eyes peeled!

Will update with more info..

3 Golden Nuggets:

나니 said...

- and darn them for making it limited edition -__-" BSH!

superwoolu said...

yes!! tube!! but nooo LE!! :(

Popcorn said...

dang it~~ LE again. hahaha
thxs for the heads up though!
I have their mini sized one from the naked palette and I LOVE it. so im just debating whether or not i should try the Nars primer first or just buy the full-sized UD. hmmmm life is full of choices. ^.^