Friday, 25 March 2011

Let's start a [SKINCARE] revolution

So I'm supposed to finish a 3500 word essay by this weekend to leave enough time to start a 10K dissertation due in May. However, I can't help but let my mind wander off into beauty blogs and Do you know what is really depressing? All of you with amazing skin. I've been getting weird red bumps on my skin for a few months now. It's not full blown acne or particularly noticeable but foundation is not my friend. :( So I propose that we do something about it. I want to start a revolution, Beauty bloggers and readers near and far, I know many of you like to focus on makeup, but let's go back to basics eh?

Okay, not so much revolution but a skin detox plan, which includes diet and skincare (and perhaps some light exercise-or more, if you feel like it)

-To not overload my skin with products
-To cleanse every night and every morning
-To drink more than enough water
-To eat a spoonful of honey a day to keep me youthful and pollen allergy free (I REALLY need to start doing this)
-To eat a balanced diet, no up and downs. 2 square meals a day
-To eat more fruit and veg because when they're selling a £1 for a punnet or 3 avocados. It's a bloody bargain. (Fuck supermarkets, head down to local veg stalls in the middle of town. They're AMAZINGLY cheap)
-To do my work but also allow more time for homemade facemasks because when a natural probio yoghurt is something like 30p, there is no excuse not to treat my skin.
-to be teetotal because i know i can't hold my liquor any more
-To use SPF 30+ EVERYDAY.
-To moisturise the neck
-To use clean tools
-To try to use purer and eco and skin-friendly products.
-To take off my makeup everytime i use makeup
-BAN makeup wipes, those are freaking harsh on my skin.
-To moisturise after every shower (I'M SOOO lazy)
-To do more exercise, that yoga mat is SOOO collecting dust as i type.
-To address those horrible red bumps in a dignified and confident way. No way are you suckers going to win.

A little dramatic for a few spots? What can I say, this is the life of a failed beauty blogger. (Should i even call myself that anymore, I'm just going to say I'm a blog reviewer now.)

4 Golden Nuggets:

나니 said...

Some of these actually quite surprise me.. O_O I thought you were always pretty damn religious with your cleansing and moisturizing. lol.
Honey helps with pollen allergy? : O ohhh thanks for the tip! <3

Jennifer said...

that's quite a list!!! Does eating honey really works?

Yin said...

I was religious and then work took it's toll and no mood because this shitty house has a shitty bathroom. Can't relax at all. Thus lack of masks. and then my parents are doing renovation on the house=shitloads of sawdust. My face never feels clean. LOL

Honey really does work, when I religiously followed a skincare regime, it helped skin and digestive system

Anonymous said...

I like your ideas - gd luck!! I'm completely anal when it comes to skin care :P Maybe I should tell my sister to eat honey for her hayfevet!