Sunday, 6 March 2011

More Blogger Love! + Asia dates!

I'm going to put this out there, being a blogger has its perks, it is all basically networking and I really love being able to meet bloggers from all over the world. This also reminds me, I'll be heading into Asia this year: Malaysia and HK. If anyone wants to show me their 'ends' of the world. It would be totally amazing. (If you do want to meet up and want me to bring any English goodies, do let me know!)
Malaysia from REVISED (Will spend half my time in KL and also my Gran's village near cameron highlands)
HK from REVISED I think I'm meeting up with Jenn (whats in my makeup bag! blog) and I'll be spending some time with family but I should have some days free!

Anyways that aside, I received some blogger love in the mail after the NEW YEARS. Thanks you Joyce (I've been so busy, I haven't been posting ANYTHING, I'm sorry Joyce!) Fragile signs- always good. Isn't she lovely *cue Stevie Wonder*

The contents!

List of things, sorry about the quality, Dad won't let me borrow his canon DSLR
Sally hansen French manicure polishes
Bobbi Brown cleansing oil-Only tried once, but I don't know why I feel as if I should finish my Muji one first but the time I used it, it is a very very good oil.
Bronzer-Mini Review: It's a bit orange and has a bit of fall out so used sparingly, it does what it says on the..uh...tin?
Candy mint lipgloss: LOVE
NARS orgasm Illuminator creme sample: I'm so glad its only a sample, there is really no colour payoff AT ALL. Massive fail? Would the sticks be better for colour payoff? Let me know
UD lipgloss sample: I read a review of this on rei's blog, thenotice, and I agree, it's a nice gloss but the fragrance is a little bit hard to take.
Pucca comb: SOOOO handy, i hate using brush on my wet hair, unless its bristled. You can never have enough combs!
E.L.F stipple brush: Another addition to ELFs extensive list of HQ brushes. I can't fault it and although it's not as stiff as the MAC, it's probably best for non-professionals!
John Frieda serum: LOVE, since I have a bob now, the kerastase heat treatment is WAAY too greasy for my hair, this is PERFECT. Not only that, it's available in UK too!
Antibac gels (handbag size!)
Random pretty bits and bobs

Again THANK YOU and also LET ME KNOW if you're up for a meetup this summer in Asia (or in UK!)

Also, I started watermarking! yay for non-laziness. =D

5 Golden Nuggets:

~Lisa said...

Aww, how sweet of Joyce!

And I hope you have a great time in Malaysia and HK! I'm quite jealous, I wish to go to HK one day and so some major shopping!! xD

Jennifer said...

Hoooray!!! :D reviews on the orgasm illuminator seems to be mixed, hmmm, i heard the orgasm multiple isn't great either.

What do you think about the Muji cleansing oil? :)

K said...

What!? You're coming to HK???? I hope I can go at the same time!

Yin said...

@Lisa: there is no other reason except eating and shopping for HK. Somehow, alot of my friends don't get why i need to fly to hk to shop. Maybe they're right, I have a serious addiction. LOL

나니 said...

Thanks for the tips! : D <3 I know a lot of giveaway-followers don't do much -__-" But still. If 138 people visit my blog in ONE day.. and NOBODY follows.. There's gotta be something WRONG here : / *sigh*

OHHH! I'm excited for the parcel! : D UGHH be careful with those envelopes. >_<" They sure are sketchy! -ships bubblewrap to Yinnie-