Thursday, 16 June 2011

DIY Mask: Avocado & Yogurt

So, a week and many bags later, I've finally moved out of the garden of Eden and onto it's borders. As in bordering the big smoke. By that I mean, less fresh air and instead I'll aim to embrace the fresh attitude of being a Londoner, Init?!

Saying that though, whenever I am down at my former uni-house, I kind of let my hair down and that means no to diet and yes to unhealthy things. Oh dear. Sadly, because I try to eat healthy, the effects of alcohol and uh..junk food means that my skin takes a massive hit.

Although its not too bad, I wanted to try a mask. So I let my creative juices run...Ok, I lie. I just check what I had in the fridge.

This is the loot:

-Half an avocado, mashed up REALLLY WELL. Use a REAAALLLY ripe one too, on the verge of browning.
-1 teaspoon yogurt (Add more if you want..) Any type
-1 teaspoon Honey (Again, any type)
-A spritz of lemon.

Directions: Mash up a ripe avocado with a fork in a bowl, add honey, mix well. Add yogurt, mix well, squeeze of lemon. Apply on face. Leave 10-15 minutes. Rinse/Tissue Off. Check your radiant reflection.

NB: Sensitive skin-ers may find that little red bumps may appear. That happened to me, but it was gone the next day. Maybe we should only leave it on for 5 minutes max.

Benefits of Ingredients:
Avocados are great source for vitamin A, D and E, as some sources say. (- The Green Pharmacy: New Discoveries in Herbal Remedies for Common Diseases and Conditions from the World's Foremost Authority on Healing Herbs by James A. Duke, Ph.D.) Also, because of its natural oils, avocados also help with dry skin and acts as a natural moisturiser. Its definitely not called a butter fruit in cantonese for nothing!

When I made this mask, I always half the size of the mashed avocado so I only really use a quarter of the avocado and use the other quarter as a guac dip. (By adding chilli, garlic, pepper and lime/lemon) so I'm consuming and applying guacamole at the same time. Double the power. But that's totally up to you. I just don't like storing it because it'll go brown even with lemon and I'll just end up chucking it. Failwhale!

Yogurt is also agreat ingredient to use because as well as being moisturising and cooling, it also brightens skin and tones down the existence of freckles. (Not to say freckles aren't cute though!) In addition it's an ingredient that has been used in Greece for thousands of years, and Greek women weren't called Goddesses for nothing!

Another age old ingredient that contains antioxidant properties and can relieve minor irritations and sunburn. It retains water and thus moisturising for the skin. So with the avocado and yogurt, we're packing a triple punch moisturiser which means that it's not that great for oily skins. Another tip for get beautiful skin is to eat a spoonful of honey a day washed down with warm water at breakfast to help get the digestive system healthy.

and finally Lemon.
Lemon has two functions in this recipe, firstly to stop the mask from browning, if you were to store it and secondly, lemon is a great ingredient to brighten/whiten up skin so dull skin becomes radiant. Furthermore, even those with dry skin can get spots and lemon is a way of diminishing them!

Let me know how it works for you if you try this, has anyone got any other home masks that include the above ingredients and please share your own amazing mask recipes!

Ciao x

6 Golden Nuggets:

Maeve Rachel said...

This is great! I'll have to try it out! =) Thanks for sharing!

Eve said...

maybe the lemon is too strong for our sensitive skin?
i wannna try but im just too lazy!

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

You can actually also use this mask on your hair.. :) just skip the yoghurt, lemon and honey part and just use straight up avocado. :)

Anonymous said...

i would love to try this but avocado are so overpriced in japan!! Please do more DIY masks tips ! hehe. Oh it's the same for me, what i eat goes right onto my skin so I try to eat as much fruit n veg and post. My vice is chocolate haha.

btw I am going bk to UK in Aug. hope you're around then!

Yin said...

Eve: I know I can too. LOL But i wanted to use up the avocado because it was expensive

@makeup, hauls and everything under the sun: Hahaha I did hear about that! I may have to give that one a shot

NicNic:Hm Avocado is kind of expensive here, esp in supermarkets. But you can actually get them for cheaper at market stalls, i once bought 3 avocados for a £1, BARGAIN! Chocolate is somewhat good for skin, right? It's got antioxidants LOL. Thats the lie I try to justify to myself anyways LOL

I'll be in UK from mid August. I fly back from HK on the 14th :)

Anastacia said...

awe! those 3 ingredients are nice by themself too, totally gonna try them together!

Missed yah sweetie! I had a long vacation for 6 months and now I am back :) Hope U are doing great!!