Thursday, 2 June 2011

Festival Food

Not your ordinary festival! Chinese Dragon Boat festival is soon.

6 Golden Nuggets:

나니 said...

WOAH sounds sexy.. Honestly I'd hoped for a long-ass entry coming up : ( U tricked me. -cries in corner-

Jian said...

OMG I loveeeee zhongzi so much!!!!! I have never made my own before though. I remember 'helping' when I was a helping I mean not doing anything except getting in the way!

So jealous! What filling did you make?

Yin said...

@Line: I know, I'm shoo sorry!! (Hangs head in Shame) I've been feeling a bit under the weather recently because of allergies so all I've been doing is watching tv and making the environment worse with many many scrunched up tissues. Siigh.
I promise the next one will be long. :)

@Jian: My Zhongzi filling was eye beans, pork, chinese mushrooms and some mini shrimps. :) Super Yummy.
I'm so bad at making them, I just can't get the origami of it right. +Tetrahedral zhongzi is CRAZY hard.

mandy said...

You made these yourself?! They look uber hard to make. I remember watching my grandma make it when I was little. She still makes them (even special ones just for me b/c I'm a picky eater :P).

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THOSE STUFF! really miss it :( Family maskes the best than bought ones!

Yin said...

@Mandy: I made like 5 of these and my mother made the rest. it was my first time making these and my mum wanted to give them to people so i only did a few. Haha.

NicNic: I know! Its so simple to reheat too, i know what i'll be eating next week to save money. :P