Sunday, 26 June 2011

Healthy Foundation! [SWATCH]

When I think of healthy foundation, the words; non rancid come to mind. I picked up a bottle of Bourjois's healthy mix foundation in shade 52. (Beige Clair/Vanilla beige) One of the two, I forget which. I know, I'm a terribly shit beauty blogger. I apologise. (Haha, I think I should now be renamed the apologetic beauty blogger after a year of slacking!)

Anyways, I've yet to use it because as a terribly shit beauty blogger, even though I think base makeup is the best of ALL makeup products, I hardly ever use it because I'm stuck to my trusted Tinted moisturisers! (Alas, I've also ditched BB creams in the past year which seem to be making a mahoosive comeback this summer) But I felt bad so here's a swatch of the product. I actually found this foundation shade to be quite orangey but I didn't want to get a shade lighter because it's summer and also I didn't want to play into the face-neck disproportionate shade thing that's been going on, especially on the women I see in HK. Yeah.

So my quest for the perfect dewy full coverage foundation shade continues! (This also, an epic quest that every beauty blogger goes through, it's almost like a rite of passage!)

I ramble. Here's the pictures.

See, it's a bit of a tanned glow! :) I'm a bit scared of tanned shades though; See, In the UK we're exposed to a number of glamourous role models called wifes and girlfriends of footballers (WAGS) and they're always tanned but like tanned to the extreme and I'm a little wary of that look. Plus I'm chinese so that means I have a yellow tone to my skin, which always begs the question: Will I turn out looking like a dirty kind of skintone? Because slight brown and slight yellow kind of make dirty beige. LOL

I have to say though, I haven't quite got used to the smell. It's not terrible but it's not..uh..good?!?

Let me know what you think of the healthy mix foundation? is it your cup of tea?

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Anonymous said...

I have heard a lot about this.. I will check it out when I go back to the UK in aug! I hope we can all meet up again!