Wednesday, 24 August 2011

HK: Snippets

Here's a snippet of what I unwisely spent most of my money on when I went on Holiday!

I still have 2 Shiseido The skincare sets I haven't photographed. One I'm using now and one for backup. The reason being, as many of you know, I LOVE shiseido and the reason why is that it will always work for me (minus the white lucent line) but it has ALWAYS always salvaged my skin. And the A/C in HK had really been harsh on my skin. My counter experience was awful. not because of the service because of that magnifying tool and my skin was super dry and my moisturisers were not cutting it. The counter lady was super nice though and apparently they have an enriched version of my normal shiseido moisturiser and that did wonders on my skin!

Anyways, Some pictures from my holiday!

ImissHKalready :(

3 Golden Nuggets:

나니 said...

So many goods! *___*; omg! Looking forward to posts on the trip, girl! Good to have you back!

Yin said...

Hahah, some of the stuff I didn't photograph was your stuff! Thanks Line! Its nice to be back, it feels weird blogging though. Trying to get more in before i start my degree. It'll be erratic again soon!

Imo said...

I miss HK too! =(. Thanks for the heads up on gmarket! Which site do you use? Korea. Japan...